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Shunichi Takahashi, Bayer Yakuhin K.K., and Michihiko Iwamoto, Nippon Kankyo Sekkei, Inc. will deliver keynote speeches at the Kansai Forum 2020, June 21 (Sun.), 2020!

【関西フォーラム】6/21(日)超異分野学会 関西フォーラム2020 基調講演にバイエル薬品株式会社 高橋俊一氏と日本環境設計株式会社 岩元美智彦氏が登壇!

Liberace, Inc. on Sunday, June 21, 2020.Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference in Kansai Forum 2020The keynote speeches will be delivered by Mr. Shunichi Takahashi, Director, Open Innovation Center, Bayer Yakuhin Co. The keynote speakers will be Mr. Shunichi Takahashi, Director, Open Innovation Center, Bayer Yakuhin, and Mr. Tomohiko Iwamoto, Chairman of the Board, Nippon Kankyo Sekkei Co.

Bayer Yakuhin K.K.
of Japan, will talk about the efforts of global pharmaceutical companies in response to the spread of this new coronavirus (COVID-19) under the title of "Transforming Medicine Across Global Challenges - Pharmaceutical Companies' Efforts".

Also,Nihon Kankyo Sekkei Co. Mr. Michihiko Iwamoto will talk about his approach to resource recycling, which is based on recycling technology and involves many cooperating companies and consumers, under the title of "Realizing a society that circulates only with resources on the ground.

Other sessions are being planned for this forum under the theme of "Circle of Knowledge for a Sustainable Society: Medicine and Environment in the After Corona". We will inform you as soon as they are decided. We look forward to seeing many of you there.

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  • Date: Sunday, June 21, 2020, 9:00-17:30
  • Place: Kobe International Conference Center (6-9-1 Minatojima-nakamachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe 650-0046, Japan)
  • Partners:
  • Rohto Pharmaceuticals, Japan Tobacco, Kansai Electric Power Company, Duskin, Focus Systems, etc.
  • Participants: Academia, venture companies, large companies, small and medium-sized companies, leading regional companies, local factories, local governments, junior high and high school students
  • Keywords: medical, health, environment, living environment, agriculture, forestry, fisheries, education, with/after corona etc.
  • Poster abstract registration: open to academia researchers, junior high and high school students; registration deadline Friday, June 5, 2020
  • Booth registration: open to venture companies and town factories; registration deadline June 5, 2020 (Fri.)
  • Audience participation fee
    • Corporations, foundations, incorporated associations: ¥56,980 (tax included)
    • Booth exhibitors (Venture companies, town factories): Free of charge
    • Non-Corporate (researchers, producers, municipalities, teachers, students, pupils): Free of charge


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<Keynote Speech 1> 9:10-9:30 Hall A

Transforming Medicine Beyond Global Challenges: Pharmaceutical Companies' Initiatives

Bayer Yakuhin K.K.
Open Innovation Centercenter director
Mr. Shunichi Takahashi

<Brief Biography
D. in Chemistry from the Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Aoyama Gakuin University. After joining Mitsui Pharmaceutical Industries (at that time), he was transferred to the Cardiovascular Research Division of the U.S. subsidiary Barlex Biosciences at Nihon Searing after the business integration, where he worked in the Cardiovascular Research Department and Immunology Research Department. After the business integration with Bayer Yakuhin, he worked as a senior researcher in the Regenerative Medicine Research Division at Kobe Research Center, Manager of the Cardiovascular Area of Project Management in the Development Division, and Director of the Medical Affairs Primary Care Department before becoming the Director of the Open Innovation Center in June 2014.

<Summary of Lecture
The spread of novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19) is having a major impact not only on medicine but also on our lives and society. In response to this global threat, industry, government, and academia must collaborate beyond conventional frameworks and processes to prevent the spread of infection and develop vaccines, therapeutics, and medical devices at an unprecedented speed. Mr. Shunichi Takahashi of Bayer Yakuhin K.K. will talk about what global pharmaceutical companies are doing to address this situation.


<Keynote Speech②> 9:30-9:50 Hall A

"We will realize a recycling society based solely on earthly resources."

Nihon Kankyo Sekkei Co.
chairman of board of directorsMr. Yoshihiko Iwamoto

<Brief Biography
As a salesman in a textile trading company, he was in charge of uniform production and sales for many years. Feeling the challenge of creating products that only become a large amount of trash after being worn out, he established Nihon Kankyo Sekkei in January 2007. Aiming to create a society where resources are recycled, he not only develops recycling technologies, but also works with manufacturers, retailers, and other companies in various industries to unify the recycling process. Author of the book, "A Future without Disposal" will be born from this business (Diamond Inc.)

<Summary of Lecture
In recent years, the plastics problem has led to the promotion of recycling of resources more than ever before. It is necessary not only to develop and socially implement technologies that promote resource recycling to realize a sustainable society, but also to consider mechanisms to involve more people. Mr. Michihiko Iwamoto of Nihon Kankyo Sekkei, Inc., who is involved in resource recycling by involving many cooperating companies and consumers, will talk about how to involve society while basing technology development on the recycling of resources and the future society that will be realized as a result of such efforts.


<Convention theme

Circle of Knowledge for a Sustainable Society
After Corona Medical and Environmental ~.

Many researchers and companies have been working toward the realization of such a sustainable society, where the natural environment is properly preserved and future generations can also utilize resources, while the needs that arise in our lives today are also met. However, the global spread of the new type of coronavirus has prompted further updates to the sustainable society that has been touted. As people's lifestyles change dramatically, what new normalcy will we attain?

The "Circle of Knowledge" in the theme of this forum is the fused knowledge that is created when passionate people join hands. In this forum, academia, large corporations, venture companies, town factories, and junior and senior high school students will gather to discuss issues that transcend age, field, and industry, with the hope that participants will work together to create new knowledge that will form the new normal in after-corona.


We look forward to your participation.

For more information and registration, please contactthis way (direction close to the speaker or towards the speaker)


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