The Society for Transdisciplinary Research as an "inter-industrial exchange meeting"|Characteristics of the Society for Transdisciplinary Research

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We would like to create new businesses by utilizing external partnerships.
I want to start up a new research theme without being restricted by existing business.
I want to connect with highly active academia and venture companies.
I want to activate my own employees/researchers.
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Mr. Oshima, Focus Systems, Inc.
The Japan Society for Cross-Disciplinary Research provides us with the opportunity to plan and work on new business projects. View full text↓
Mr. Murakami, Metagen Inc.
I think there are a lot of things that I would not normally think of, but I can think of them here....view full story↓...

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Conference: Japan Society for Hyperdifferential Studies 2024, Osaka, Kansai, Japan
Date: Saturday, August 31, 2024 9:30~18:30
Location: KNOWLEDGE CAPITAL Conference Room Tower C
町工場 ✕ 大学 〜業界の壁を超えた連携の創出〜
→ ニュースリリース:株式会社木幡計器製作所が医療機器のプロトタイピングのニーズを持っていた滋賀医科大学と協定を締結
→ プレスリリース:人と自然の共生を実現する「LVNS Forest Project」の発表会を実施

Cross-industry exchange meetings" to search for new research themes and issues that humanity should face.



The goal is to create innovative themes by bringing together people from different fields and industries with different "knowledge" of technologies, issues, experiences, networks, know-how, and pathways to social implementation, and discussing the future, leading to the creation of new research ideas.

It is, so to speak, a cross-industrial exchange meeting to search for new research themes and issues that humanity should face.

Differences between inter-industry meetings, conferences and exhibitions and hyper-industry conferences

The Super Interdisciplinary Society has the following features and strengths that distinguish it from other so-called interdisciplinary conferences, congresses, and exhibitions.

Feature 1: Participants come from all fields and industries (researchers, companies, ventures, local factories, etc.)
Another unique feature of the super interdisciplinary conference is that it is a place where an equal number of people belonging to companies and researchers can get together.
Feature 2: Proactive and open discussion with highly enthusiastic participants
It's only at a super interdisciplinary conference that I, as a member of a company, can participate in a conversation between researchers in different fields. The flat relationship between all participants makes it possible to co-create. It's a place to explore who's interesting and who I might want to work with. The main feature of the conference is that it attracts people who are passionate about "doing something" or "want to do something new by combining something with other fields. At the Super Interdisciplinary Conferences, not only do people from diverse fields gather, but also a variety of "aspirations" come together, and open and enthusiastic discussions are held every time.
Feature 3: LIVERNESS Communicators accompany you to create projects.
In order to create projects starting from the hyper-disciplinarity conference, RIVERNESS Communicators will create unprecedented research themes with participants from partner companies, researchers, and venture companies, deepen constructive discussions on problem-solving approaches, and continue to set up cutting-edge research and development together beyond the boundaries of the conference.

A unique social gathering where you can meet people across barriers.

People from across all fields and industries, including researchers, large corporations, small and midsize companies, local factories, venture companies, and local governments, bring their knowledge together and actively communicate with each other. There is a passion for "exploring themes that can only be created by transcending fields" and "initiating things that transcend fields.

A social gathering where people can meet across boundaries, backed by passion.Many academia researchers and R&D-based ventures participateInside,Not only human exchange and information exchange, but also the creation of research ideas and innovative themes.It is a unique site.

that will lead to the creation of new businesses that transcend fields and industries.A place for new collaboration opportunitiesWe look forward to your participation as well. We look forward to your participation.

超異分野学会 東京大会の様子

Super Interdisciplinary Conference 2024 Call for Participating Companies!

Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference 2024 OSAKA

Conference: Japan Society for Hyperdifferential Studies 2024, Osaka, Kansai, Japan
Date: Saturday, August 31, 2024 9:30~18:30
Location: KNOWLEDGE CAPITAL Conference Room Tower C
Address: Grand Front Osaka Tower C, 8F, 3-1 Ohfuka-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0011, Japan
Theme: Reconstruction of Research Ecosystem
Research that creates something new from nothing is, to begin with, "fun. However, all we hear from the research community in Japan today are gloomy stories. Perhaps the current way of conducting research, including budgets, postings, priority themes, evaluation systems, and researcher training, is no longer functioning well in the changing times. Now is the time to go back to our roots as researchers and start a discussion on rebuilding the research ecosystem, including academia, corporate research institutes, and even bridging the gap between research results and society.

Participant's Voice

We spoke with Mr. Murakami of Metagen Inc. and Mr. Oshima of Focus Systems Inc. about the Hyperdifferentiation Conference.

Yuka Oshima he

Focus Systems Co.

IT Innovation Division 2

Technical Promotion Division

Business Creation Department

--- Please introduce yourself.

Nice to meet you, my name is Oshima from Focus Systems, and I look forward to working with you today.

We are an IT company that promotes the development of systems, networking, and all other aspects of what we call "IT" as our business.

The company is celebrating its 48th term in this fiscal year and has a history of about 50 years.

In this context, we are working daily to find ways to contribute IT technology and know-how to researchers and non-IT fields.

I would like to participate in this year's conference again while thinking about how we can build such new things through the hyperdisciplinarity conference, and I look forward to working with you.

--- Can you tell us about how you have participated in hyperdisciplinarity conferences in the past?

I have participated in the past two Ignition projects of the Society of Very Different Fields.

We were able to conduct one project for each of the Kanto and Kansai congresses in the summer of 2023, and we had three abstracts accepted for the Kansai congress and one for the Kanto congress.

Participants who met on the day applied for hypotheses on how to combine and implement new research and technologies, and gave actual presentations, which we then answered questions in front of everyone.

We are still in contact with the people we adopted here, and we are able to continue our efforts through constant meetings and other means.

The themes that were actually created on the day of the event were not yet finalized, and there were still some elements that were difficult to implement, but each team member is working hard to determine what is needed to actually implement them.

In this way, the Super Interdisciplinary Society provides us with a forum for planning new projects and the opportunity to work on them as a business.

Shinnosuke Murakami he

Metagen Inc.

Director, COO and CIPO

--- Please introduce yourself.

Metagen is a university-launched venture established in 2015, coming out of Keio University and Tokyo Institute of Technology. The group vision is to "achieve zero disease," and we are focusing on the bacteria that are currently in your stomachs, conducting various research, and creating businesses based on this research.

It has become clear that each person's intestinal environment is completely different, and we are creating a business to provide health care tailored to each person's intestinal environment with the aim of making health care that matches this intestinal environment the norm.

For example, we want to create a world where people can test the bacteria in their intestines and eat foods that match their intestinal bacteria.Body GranolaThe company has released a product called

First, we ask people to send us their stools to examine their intestinal environment, and then we offer a service that says, "Let's eat the food (granola) that is right for you.

I myself am involved in research on preventive medicine, spa therapy, etc. I joined Metagen as the first employee and am now a director. I was involved in the development of stool preservation technology for collecting and sending stools.

I have attended a surprisingly large number of hyperdiscipline conferences when I count them, and I have taken advantage of them by presenting the results of collaborative research here while also speaking at sessions and other events, and by starting new initiatives with people I have met here.

--- Can you tell us about how you have participated in hyperdisciplinarity conferences in the past?

I used to be a researcher, so when I went to so-called academic conferences, I thought they were places where people in similar fields were presenting academic posters and having academic discussions, but when I went to conferences in very different fields, I found many people who were not researchers (laughs).

There are people from large companies, people from other ventures, high school students and other students, people from local factories, and people from the government. There are people from all walks of life. I sometimes present my research and projects in such an environment, and I think it is a unique opportunity to see how people look at my work and to receive diverse opinions and comments. There is no other place like it (laughs). I don't think there are many places like this. I think it is a very good place because I don't think it is very common.

Metagen has had many experiences in which we have presented our own research, or have taken the stage at a panel discussion to talk about what we are working on, or have given a talk on the theme of the day, In such cases, discussions such as, "Well, it would be interesting to try something like this," are often generated during the session, and then, "Well, let's actually try it," and the conversation with the company continues after the super interdisciplinary conference.

We are headquartered in Yamagata, and at the Yamagata Forum, there are cases where joint research projects are actually underway with companies that participated in the forum. I think this is a place that provides an opportunity to take a new step forward. I think there are many things that come to mind here that would not normally occur to me.

--- What do you think about going to various posters, even for those who are not presenting at the poster session, and bounce your ideas off of them, from which new ideas and relationships may emerge?

Yes, I think you are right. I think you are right.

When you do research on intestinal bacteria and present at so-called academic conferences, you don't often encounter a place like Focus Systems (laughs), but I think this is exactly the kind of place where such encounters can happen.

I think it is important to be in a place full of people in fields that you do not normally come into contact with, and to actively try to interact with them by saying, "I don't understand, so please tell me about it.