What is the Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference?

  1. 01What is Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference?
  2. 02It is not only the field of research that is crossed
  3. 03"Knowledge Sharing" and "Vector Dissemination."
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What is Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference?

It is a place where researchers, large corporations, small factories, and venture companies, regardless of their field or industry, can fuse their knowledge and technology, identify new research themes and issues that humanity needs to face, and promote research together, through discussion. Participants from different fields and industries constructively discuss the creation of unprecedented research themes and approaches to problem solving, and continue to work together to set up cutting-edge R&D projects that transcend barriers.


It is not only the field of research that is crossed

The term "different fields" in the Hyperdisciplinarity Conference does not only refer to the major fields of the Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research. It includes a wide range of meanings, such as different generations, different jobs, and different experiences in their careers.
Whether in academia, a company, or a craftsman at a local factory, I believe that all people who have discovered something through trial and error by formulating a hypothesis are researchers. Even if they do not identify themselves as researchers, they all have such knowledge.
By bringing together such "different fields" with different "knowledge" of technologies, issues, experiences, networks, know-how, and pathways to social implementation, and by integrating this knowledge for the future of humanity, a new world will open up.


"Knowledge Sharing" and "Vector Dissemination."

At the super interdisciplinary conference, each specialist brings his/her own knowledge to share with the participants. The balance between "open" and "closed" is the most difficult part. However, it is extremely important for the future development of science and technology to understand this difficulty and still be open to the public.
We then place emphasis on communicating the vector of "this is what I want to do. By doing so, empathy spreads, and the seeds of new things are naturally born.
With this idea in mind, the Hyperdisciplinary Society has spread to various regions of Japan and even overseas, and numerous collaborative projects have emerged from this forum.


Past Activities

Activities as of March 2024

44 conventions/forums in Japan, 16 overseas

<Project Results
National Convention Sessions 166 Planning
Regional Forum Session 86 Planning

<Researcher Platform
Total number of participants in Japan: 14,733
Total number of overseas participants: 1,930
Total number of participants 16,663

<Participant demographics
Libanes Research FundEdgy young researchers under 40 years old
Libanes Research AwardUp-and-coming mid-career researchers
TECH PLANTER  R&D venture from academia

Features of the Hyperdisciplinarity Conference The Association of Transdisciplinary Studies as an "inter-industry exchange meeting