Information for Presenters

  1. 01Abstract Registration
  2. 02Basic Specifications for Posters and Booths
  3. 03About Super Interdisciplinary Splash
  4. 04Carrying in and out, sending and shipping of posters, booth materials, etc.
  5. 05Request to share your presentation poster on LID slides

Abstract Registration

  • You will need your LIVANES ID login to register your abstract.
  • You can access the web form from the RIVANES ID page or from the abstract submission button on each conference/forum page.
  • Please fill in the following items when submitting your abstract. (1)*(Required field)
    • Applicant Information*
    • co-researcher
      • If you wish to list co-researchers, please list their affiliations and names. If you wish to list more than one person, please separate them with punctuation marks.
      • Example: Hanako LIVERNESS, Fat University; Taro LIVERNESS, XX University; Jiro LIVERNESS, Inc.
    • Title/Theme*
    • Title/Theme*
    • Presentation / Keywords related to your business (up to 5 that you feel are relevant)*
    • Desired field/industry to collaborate with*
    • What are you looking for in a participant in a hyperdisciplinary conference (multiple choice)*
      • Different points of view
      • collaborative research
      • Provision and utilization of demonstration fields
      • Utilization of research results and proprietary technologies
      • Collaboration in commercialization
      • Support for prototyping
    • Your research / business recommendation (100 words or less)*
    • Abstract (200 words or less)*
    • Research / Background and motivation for the project (200 words or less)*
    • Current initiatives and results (200 words or less)*
    • Future Prospects (200 words or less)*
    • Availability of exhibits
      • For those who apply with exhibits, a desk will be set up in front of the poster panel.
    • Power supply required/not required
      • Please refrain from submitting applications for items not directly related to the exhibition, such as PC recharging.
      • Please note that the power supply we can provide is a normal 100V household power supply.
    • Wish to present at the Super Interdisciplinary Plush
    • Tokyo Convention only] Scheduled Participation Dates*
      • The Tokyo Conference will be held over two full days. Only those who will participate in the Tokyo Conference are requested to indicate the date they plan to attend.

Basic Specifications for Posters and Booths

One poster booth will be provided per abstract as described below. However, the size of panels and desks may vary slightly depending on the conference/forum.

Common to all posters and booths

  • Panel: width 900mm, height 2,100mm
    You are required to post a number approximately 20 cm (width) x 10 cm (height) at the top of the panel. (See the figure below).

*As long as it does not extend far beyond the panel, there are no size or format restrictions.
(Reference: A0 size: 84.1 cm (118.9 in.))
The secretariat will prepare posting numbers and thumbtacks.

If you apply for exhibits "Yes" at the time of registration

  • Desk: 900mm wide, 700mm high, 600mm deep


About Super Interdisciplinary Splash

The concept is to "communicate in an easy-to-understand manner to people in different fields." You will have 90 seconds to present your research/business and the issues you would like to address. (If there are too many applicants, a selection will be made. The presenter will be notified by e-mail or posted on the website.)
Please note the following requests for presenters of the Super Interdisciplinary Splash.

Please submit presentation slides in advance

  • Deadline for submission: 4 days prior to the event (This is a rough estimate. The secretariat will inform you of the deadline)
  • Submission method: Upload files via web form (uploaded on the ribanes ID)
  • Number of slides: Up to 1
  • Presentation time: 90 seconds
  • Data format: PDF (no video, animation, or audio)
  • Aspect ratio: 4:3 or 16:9 (Depending on the screen specifications of the venue. The secretariat of each convention will inform you of this.)

Please attend the rehearsal on the day of the event

Please attend the rehearsal as we will explain the progression and movements.

  • Meeting time: 30-45 minutes before the opening of the event (This is a rough estimate. Information will be provided by the respective office)
  • Meeting place: Main Hall

Carrying in and out, sending and shipping of posters, booth materials, etc.

  • In principle, please bring and bring back your own food on the day of the event.
  • Those who wish to bring in or send in materials in advance are requested to contact the secretariat in advance so that the secretariat can understand the situation. The secretariat will inform you how to contact us.

Request to share your presentation poster on LID slides

By uploading your presentation poster to LID Slides, you can share more detailed information than what is provided in your abstract. We recommend that you share your poster in advance to accelerate communication on the day of the conference by sharing your presentation with conference participants in advance.

Presentation Poster Sharing Flow

  1. The secretariat will provide you with the upload link.
    1. Poster files registered through the links provided by each conference office are only viewable to registered participants of each conference. (Access privileges can be extended to the general public by editing the file on the LID slide.)
  2. Please access the link and upload your poster data (PDF).
    1. You need to log in with your LIVERNESS ID.

About LID Slides

  • LID Slide is a website that allows you to share PDF and PowerPoint slides on the web by logging in with your LIBANES ID.
  • Presentation posters for the conference you are attending and your own registration poster arethis way (direction close to the speaker or towards the speaker)The information can be confirmed from the following