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Tomiya Forum 2019 (Miyagi Prefecture)] Various poster awards will be set up!


The event will be held on December 13, 2019 in Tomiya, Miyagi, Japan.Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference in Tomiya Forum 2019We are pleased to announce that various poster awards will be available at the "Poster Awards". The second call for poster abstracts and booths is now open, so please register now.

Second call for applications closes 11/27】 【Closing date for second call

Registration period has ended
*You will need to obtain an ID and register your presentation. It will be published in the abstract book.

Tomiya City is a residential city with a population that has been increasing for more than 50 years, and urban development is underway in anticipation of further population growth. Tomiya City is committed to a "local production for local consumption" approach to urban development that contributes to the global environment, and has conducted a hydrogen energy demonstration test in which hydrogen is generated from solar-generated electricity and used in the local community.

This forum aims to create a point of contact between cutting-edge research related to living and urban planning, such as transportation infrastructure, living environment, urban energy systems, and medical care, in the context of Tomiya City as a residential city that will continue to develop." Let's discuss together the challenge of "living 10 to 20 years into the future". If you would like to add a new angle to your research from the perspective of a different field, or if you would like to explore partners for demonstration experiments, please come to the presentation.


Poster Awards Various poster awards to be set up!

The following awards will be established for presenters. They will be judged and decided during the presentation core time (December 13, 13:00-14:00).

  • Best Poster Award (50,000 yen)
  • Future Hydrogen Energy Forum Award (50,000 yen)


Academia Poster Session/Venture Venture Booth Exhibition

Deadline: Wednesday, November 27
Target: Academia, students, venture companies, etc.

Exhibition Summary: Research presentations by posters, company introduction panels, product and prototype exhibits, etc.

Display size: A0 size
*First-time registrants will need an ID. Drafts can be saved, so please prepare as soon as possible to avoid last minute transmission problems.

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