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Kagawa Forum] Poster Presentations and Booth Exhibits: 51 Abstracts in Total! /December 4, 2021

【香川フォーラム】ポスター発表・ブース展示 全51演題が集結!/2021年12月4日

Poster Presentations and Booth Exhibits


RIVANES will host a poster presentation (research presentation) and booth exhibition (business introduction) by researchers and venture companies at the Kagawa Forum 2021 (Saturday, December 4, 2021), an academic conference on hyperdifferent fields organized by RIVANES. A total of 51 enthusiastic presentations were gathered from inside and outside of Kagawa Prefecture. Let's generate a lot of new ideas and knowledge from this event and further accelerate our research and business.


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Not limited to the themes of this session, we will have a program of discussions among researchers, startups, and large companies from a variety of perspectives. For details, please refer to the conference website.

*The event will be held after taking measures against new coronavirus infection on the day of the event.


By researchers and ventures
Poster Presentations and Booth Exhibits

Date: Saturday, December 4, 2021, core time 11:00-12:00 (posting and exhibition 9:30-16:40)
Location: Sunport Takamatsu Takamatsu Symbol Tower Exhibition Hall (2-1 Sunport, Takamatsu, Kagawa 760-0019)
Details: https://hic.lne.st/conference/kagawa2021/


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P-01 Hiroki Oka Osaka University Organic Redox Materials for Sustainable Energy Storage
P-02 Hiroki Oka Osaka University Creation of Conductive Polymer Films for Clean Energy Production
P-03 Hirotsugu Hamada RIDE DESIGN / Ride Design, HAL Osaka, Osaka High Technology Academy Development PJ of electric bikes that don't roll over
P-04 Hiroki Shiro The University of Tokushima Graduate School Toward the Development of a Prediction System for the Development of CLN6 Disease, a Rare Disease
P-05 Yoichi Yamada Shoujitsu University Development of ceramic coating with antiviral effect
P-06 Rio Ninomiya Ehime Prefectural Imabarishi Senior High School Mokudani Crab Run and the Importance of Environmental Conservation around Rivers
P-07 Masashi Shimizu MicroBiophactory, Inc. Indigo production using synthetic biotechnology
P-08 Ryo Nishiyama Oshima College of Maritime Technology Improved recognition accuracy of yellowjacket by improving background information
P-09 Hibiki Yokoyama Oshima College of Maritime Technology Feature analysis of raven images using Grad-CAM
P-10 Daichi Yoshikane Oshima College of Maritime Technology Onomatopoeia-based object surface shape correction system
P-11 Hidaka, Koyo Oshima College of Maritime Technology Development of a system to chase away cormorants using a toy drone and YOLO
P-12 Yasuki Shibata Oshima College of Maritime Technology Drifting object detection based on semantic segmentation
P-13 Ryuma Ishizu Oshima College of Maritime Technology Development of error capture prevention system
P-14 Chiei Mine Oshima College of Maritime Technology Order of Installation of Optional Parts at Service Centers
P-15 Yuichiro Toda Okayama University 3D spatial recognition of a mobile robot in an unknown environment
P-16 Genta Yoshioka Kagawa National College of Technology Takuma Campus Development of score analysis tool using YOLO
P-17 Toshinori Hayashi Hiroshima University Development of a new model animal, the Iberian toguey gecko
P-18 Kotaro Mori Yuge Merchant Marine Technical College A technical college on a remote island is tackling the problem of beach litter and microplastics.
P-19 Yoshifumi Susaki Faculty of Creative Engineering, Kagawa University Practical application of antifouling and antimicrobial treatment technology using chemisorption monolayers
P-20 Hiroki Tanaka Kinko Gakuen Junior & Senior High School Elucidation of weir conditions that affect mokudani run
P-21 Yamato Iito The University of Tokushima Visualization of Nurses' Communication Using Eye Gaze and Speech Analysis
P-22 Murakami Yohkou Ehime University Senior High School Efforts to Solve the Microplastics Problem Using Marine Bacteria
P-23 Yuko Yasuhara The University of Tokushima Ethical Issues in the Development of Interactive Robots from a Nurse's Perspective
P-24 Kohei Okuda Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Doshisha University Composite of chemically modified cellulose and hydroxyapatite for development of high toughness biomass materials
P-25 Tsuneo Inoue Kagawa University Development of a device to measure muscle activity and joint load during walking
P-26 Masato Ueda Kansai University Coral propagation using regenerative medicine technology
P-27 Naoto Matsueda Ehime University Tools to easily purify drinking water for the poor in developing countries at home
P-28 Yutaka Watanabe Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology Fatigue and Heat Stroke Evaluation System Based on the Human Center of Gravity Detection Theory


Booth Exhibition


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B-01 Koichi Mori Maurice Corporation Disabled and AI deliver superb sleep environment
B-02 Jinsuke Nakayama Shikokuchuo City School Education Division (Junior High School) Restoration and Utilization Project of Valuable Heritage Sites
B-03 Tatsuya Mabe Kenrobotech Corporation Revolutionizing Construction Site Production with Collaborative Work Robots
B-04 Akiko Miyake KAZU Air Conditioning Ltd. Coronac, a virus suppressor with deep ultraviolet LED that can be installed in existing air circulators
B-05 Ken Yomogo Tender Hearts Inc. Prevention of aspiration and leftovers! Production of thickening agents using new materials
B-06 Taiga Takechi Mitutoyo AI Development Co. AI-based Power Line Anomaly Inspection System
B-07 Tsubasa Nishifuji Soilook Corporation Future Safety Inspection with Gas Leak Visualization System Using Infrared Spectroscopy Technology
B-08 Midori Kubo Hana Hana*Mikan LLC Research projects to understand children with diverse developmental stages and senses
B-09 Yasushi Suzuki C-LIVE Co. Early decontamination of infectious viruses and other pathogens in the post-corona era and sanitation management systems
B-10 Yoshinobu Uchio Japan Marine Ponics Co. Development and sale of closed-cycle land-based aquaculture equipment, sales, feed, and seeds and seedlings
B-11 Kengo Suzuki Euglena Co., Ltd. / Realtech Holdings Co. Application of microalgae Euglena to oyster aquaculture scene
B-12 Yasuki Kanazawa Naturnix Corporation Electric bike sharing service that recharges in 3 minutes
B-13 Yuki Nakade Nippon Telegraph and Telephone West Corporation Development of a general-purpose AI visual inspection system to realize the shared factory concept
B-14 Hideki Koide I-Compology Corporation Reducing Environmental Impact through the Use of Biomass Composite Plastics
B-15 Shunsuke Nara Nara Electric Heavy Industries Co. Collaboration of new technologies with the facilities construction industry
B-16 Yukinori Misaki Kagawa National College of Technology Detection of sleep state changes by respiration measurement
B-17 Tomohisa Harayama Fukushima Galilee Corporation Galilee Group Co-Creation Initiatives in the Foodtech Field
B-18 Osamu Takehisa Green Thumb Ltd. Climate-controlled irrigation and fertilization controller systematizes plant cultivation intuition.
B-19 Kaoru Akahani Human Create Corporation Development of a warm-responsive semi-natural bivalve seedling production system
B-20 Takashi Yamashita GoGreenGroup Corporation We want to recycle used disposable body warmers to make water purifiers and restore the earth's hydrosphere environment to its original state!
B-21 Ryo Takimoto Sanyo Clay Industry Co. Creation and development of new businesses through the recycling of marine waste
B-22 Yuko Ogata Melody International, Inc. Safe and secure childbirth for mothers around the world
B-23 Kazuhiro Nishioka Kisvin Science Corporation On health care sensing methods using sap flow sensors


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