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Kagawa Forum 2023] The Future Energy and Material Circulation System Created by Local Communities / December 9, 2023 14:10-15:10

【超異分野学会 香川フォーラム2023】地域でつくる、これからのエネルギーと物質循環のシステム/2023年12月9日 14:10-15:10

A panel discussion on "Future Energy and Material Circulation Systems Created by Local Communities" (session partners: Daiki Axis Corporation/Daiki Axis Venture Partners) will be held at Kagawa Forum 2023, a super interdisciplinary conference hosted by RIVANES.

Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference Kagawa Forum 2023

We will have a program of discussions among researchers, startups, and large companies from a variety of perspectives, not limited to the themes of this session. For more information, please refer to the conference website.


Future Energy and Material Circulation Systems to be Created in the Region
Session Partner Daiki Axis Venture Partners, Inc.

Date: Saturday, December 9, 2023, 14:10-15:10
Place: Sunport Hall Takamatsu Symbol Tower Exhibition Hall

Life on Earth has been sustained by the energy that reaches the Earth from the sun. However, anthropogenic activities have upset the balance of the energy and material circulation system on the earth, which has been passed down from generation to generation, and alarm bells have been ringing for a long time about the sustainability of life. Now is the time for local communities to design and implement new forms of energy and material circulation that fully utilize the benefits of the sun. The speakers, who possess technology that could form the basis of such a system, and Daiki-Axis, which has long been involved in the construction of systems indispensable to the harmony of humans and ecosystems, will discuss the future technology required for the earth.


Mr. Hiromitsu Inoue
Corporate Strategy, Daiki-Axis, Inc.

In 2002, he joined Daikin Industries Ltd., the predecessor of Daiki Axis Co., Ltd.. At that time, while working mainly in the HC Business Division, he was involved in HR activities such as personnel, recruitment, and education, he also participated in the launch of new businesses and many other projects. He then joined Daiki-Axis Co., Ltd. with a strong desire to contribute to solving environmental issues. In 2023, he started working at Daiki Axis Venture Partners, a CVC company, as an investment advisor and is in charge of collaboration with startup companies.

Mr. Kota Machida
CEO and Representative Director, fabula K.K.

Born in 1992. Graduated from the University of Tokyo, Faculty of Engineering. Spent his childhood in the Netherlands and became interested in environmental issues. In October 2021, he founded fabula inc. with three childhood friends from elementary school, with the aim of "turning all garbage into value". He finds stories in garbage discarded, and creates excitement out of garbage. His favorite food waste is mandarin orange peels.


Mr. Daiki Shirakawa
Representative Director, NextCarbon Corporation

Born in 1987, graduated from Toyo University. He has two entrepreneurial experiences and comes from an engineering background. In particular, he did business in the Philippines for 7 years. After returning to Japan, based on his experience of starting and selling businesses overseas, he joined RiskTaker Corporation, an independent venture capital firm in Japan. During his activities, through business support for ZE Energy Corporation, he learned that "charcoal" born from plants can be a substitute for coal, and established NextCarbon Corporation, which manufactures and sells biomass charcoal from coconut shells (endocarp) as a new business utilizing his experience in Southeast Asia, and became its representative director. He became the president of the company.

Shuhei Tsukada
Executive Officer, LIVERNESS Co.

D. in Applied Biotechnology, Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, The University of Tokyo. D. in Agriculture. Participated in the management of RIVERNESS since 2003, when the company was in its early stages of establishment. After accumulating practical experience in experimental classes and various types of writing, developed and introduced advanced technologies in the agri-field and launched a project to build an ecosystem for regional startups. Committed to technology and business development in collaboration with large and medium-sized companies, venture companies, researchers, etc. on a field-oriented basis.




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We look forward to welcoming many people from academia, venture companies, large corporations, town factories, local governments, junior high and high school students, and others to the Hyperdifferent Fields Conference.

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