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Shikoku】Four partner organizations have been selected for the Kagawa Forum 2023, to be held on Saturday, December 9, 2023.

【四国】2023年12月9日(土)開催 超異分野学会 香川フォーラム2023のパートナー4団体が決定しました

RIVANES will be held on Saturday, December 9, 2023, under the conference theme "Combining the Passions in Setouchi - Combining the Passions in Setouchi,Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference Kagawa Forum 2023The event will be held in Tokyo, Japan. We are pleased to announce that four partner organizations have been selected.

Four partner organizations (in alphabetical order)

Special Partners

HOXIN Corporation


Daiki Axis Venture Partners, Inc.
The Chugoku Bank, Ltd.


Since 2012, RIVERNESS has been developing the "Super Interdisciplinary Society," a place where participants from different fields and industries, including academia, large corporations, venture companies, local factories, producers, educational institutions such as junior high schools and high schools, and local governments, can discuss and integrate their knowledge and technologies, identify new research themes and issues that humanity needs to face, and promote research together. The "Association of Transdisciplinary Studies" is being developed.

At Kagawa Forum 2023 on Saturday, December 9, we are planning four sessions including four partner organizations, in addition to poster research presentations and booth exhibits by researchers and venture companies from Japan and Southeast Asia. Through these programs, we will discuss how to solve the world's deep issues by integrating knowledge and technologies from different fields and industries.

RIVANES holds super interdisciplinary conferences based on the philosophy of "realizing the development of science and technology and contributing to the earth," and promotes activities to move humanity one step forward by bringing together knowledge and technology across fields.


The Japan Society for Hyperdifferentiation Kagawa Forum 2023 Overview

  • Conference Theme: Combining the Passions in Setouchi
  • Date: Saturday, December 9, 2023, 09:30-18:00
  • Location: Sunport Hall Takamatsu Symbol Tower Exhibition Hall (2-1 Sunport, Takamatsu City, Kagawa 760-0019, Japan)



Registration for auditing and participation is now open.

We look forward to welcoming many people from academia, venture companies, large corporations, town factories, local governments, junior high and high school students, and others to the Hyperdifferent Fields Conference.

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