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Call for Participants [Osaka Conference of the Association of Hyperdifferent Fields] What is the Meaning of "Visualization" in the Manufacturing Industry - What and for Whom and for What Purpose Will Machi-Factories Show / April 24, 2021, 14:00-.

参加者募集【超異分野学会大阪大会】製造業の「見える化」の意味とは 〜町工場は、誰に何をどんな目的で見せていくのか〜/2021年4月24日14:00〜
panel discussion
What is the meaning of "visualization" in the manufacturing industry - What and for what purpose will the town factories show to whom and for what purpose?

A panel discussion, "What is the Meaning of 'Visualization' in the Manufacturing Industry - What and for Whom and for What Purposes Should Machi-Factories Show to the Public?

In the Kansai region, the manufacturing industry is becoming more active in opening up to the community and society (open factories), and horizontal collaboration is emerging. Such collaboration is expected to break away from the conventional subcontracting structure and even create economic value through collaboration and sharing. In order to create economic value, what kind of data should manufacturers acquire internally and how should they present it to whom so that it can be utilized? In this session, we will discuss a society in which the manufacturing industry works together under the theme of two types of "visualization": open and smart. The speakers will include a telecommunications carrier promoting smart factories, a private company working on urban development that includes the manufacturing industry as a stakeholder, and the mayor of Osaka City's Minato Ward, who is promoting industrial development in the Bay Area, a manufacturing-intensive area in Osaka City, to discuss the growth potential of manufacturing collaboration.

We will have a program of discussions among researchers, start-ups, and large companies from a variety of perspectives, not limited to the themes of this session.

The Japan Society for Hyperdifferentiation Studies, Osaka, Japan WEB

What is the meaning of "visualization" in the manufacturing industry - What and for what purpose should a small factory show to whom?

Date: Saturday, April 24, 2021, 14:00-15:00
Location:Maruzen Intec Arena Osaka (3-1-40 Tanaka, Minato-ku, Osaka, 552-0005, Japan (in Hachimanya Park)



Ward Mayor, Minato Ward, Osaka City
Akihiro Sujihara

Born in Wakayama Prefecture. Graduated from Osaka City University, Faculty of Commerce, and was appointed to Osaka City in 1985. After working at the ward office, he has been involved in port administration for more than 20 years, first as mayor of Taisho Ward in 2010 and then as mayor of Minato Ward in 2017. He has been called the "singing mayor" for creating PR songs for the ward and performing live on the streets, and appears frequently in the media. In 2019, he won the Mizubeling Innovator Award.

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone West Corporation
Manager, Smart Design Department, Business Design Division
Yuki Nakade, Yuuki Nakade
In 2009, he joined Panasonic Corporation and worked in global procurement at Motor Company for 5 years. 2013, he voluntarily joined a new business project in Motor Company. 2014, he became a full-time project leader of the new business project and explored more than 20 new businesses, launched 2 projects, and succeeded in mass production of 2 products. In 2014, he became dedicated to new business projects as a project leader, exploring over 20 new business opportunities and successfully launched two projects for mass production of two products.
He joined Nippon Telegraph and Telephone West Corporation in 2021 and is challenging to launch a new business/service related to smart factory.

Keihan Holdings Co.
Manager, Corporate Planning Dept.
Masayuki Namba

In 1997, he joined Keihan Electric Railway Co.
Since joining the company, he has been consistently engaged in the real estate department, and while working in the corporate planning department since the company became a holding company in 2016, he also went out into the field as the person in charge of Moriguchi City and Kadoma City under the long-term management strategy, "Re-cultivation of Railway Lines".
With the keywords of "Monozukuri x Machizukuri" (manufacturing x community development), the company is taking on the challenge of community development that incorporates ideas not found in conventional railroad companies.

Leave a Nest Co., Ltd.
Director and Executive Officer CRO
Kazuhiro Yoshida

He received his Master's degree in Technology Management from the Graduate School of Technology Management, Ritsumeikan University, and joined RIVANES as an intern in 2004; he established the Kansai office in 2006 and became a director in 2009. Since the opening of the Osaka headquarters in 2018, he has also served as an outside director of two companies of the Super Factory Group (Kibata Keiki Seisakusho Co., Ltd. and Nariko Seimitsu Co. He is involved in the management of the town factories from the perspective of sales planning and organizational development, which he cultivated at RIVANES, and is challenging to update small and medium-sized manufacturing companies.