The 6th Hyper-Interdisciplinary Conference in Tokyo

The Hyper-Interdisciplinary Conference is where various professionals gather to share/discuss the wicked problems they are trying to solve. Scientists, engineers, artisans from factories, entrepreneurs, and business person, all are welcome to join.

Theme of the 6th Conference:
Melting pot of the human knowledge

The cutting edge researchers, entrepreneurs of the Real-Tech startups gather in Tokyo to generate a novel knowledge-based paradigm. The guests from Silicon Valley, London, Philippines, and Singapore spiced up our discussion.

Organizer: Leave a Nest Co., Ltd.

When: Mar 2nd & 3rd, 2017

Where: Akihabara UDX

Address: 4-14-1 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo, 101-0021


Mar 2nd (Thr): 9:00-20:00 (Networking Party 18:30-20:00)

* All presentation programs on Mar 2nd can be attended for free.

Main Room
Room D
Room E
  • 14:00-17:00TECH PLANTER Meetup
Room F
  • 12:30-18:00Poster Presentation


  • @Main Room

Oral Talk
LVNS Grant Award 2017

LVNS grant is a research grant for young scientists below 40 years old. We started this activity in 2009. In 2016, we awarded to researchers in various research fields such as regenerative medicine,drug discovery, data science and so on. Here we hold an oral talk session of the awarded research topics, and will decide the best research award in 2016 LVNS grant.


  • @Main Room

Keynote Speech
Impactful Research Led by Heterologous Group

Dr. Hiroki Ueda

  • Graduate School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo, Professor
  • Laboratory for Systems Biology, Center for Developmental Biology, RIKEN. Laboratory Head


Ueda Lab web page


  • @Main Room

Cutting-edge research to bridge iPS cells to society

10 years have been passed since the first iPS cell establishment from mouse was reported. Since then, advancement of basic science lead to generate many applications of this technology to the field of drug discovery and regenerative medicine. However, commercialization of iPS cell is, needless to say, difficult task.In this session, we hear the challenge that young scientists who are trying to transform the landscape of this area.


Dr. Ryuji Kato
Associated Prof. , Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Nagoya University

Developing quality evaluation methods by using cell imaging technology[Lab webpage]


Dr. Koido Masaru
Assistant Prof., Dept of Regenerative Medicine School of Medicine, Yokohama City University

Investigating disease mechanism on human genome study.


Dr. Kazuo Takayama
Assistant Prof., Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Osaka University

Developing human iPS derived liver cell that have comparable potentials to human liver cells.


Dr. Itsunari Minami
Assistant Prof., Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences, Kyoto University

Developing the 100 times more cost effective method to induce differentiation to cardio muscular cell from iPS cell. And also developing a novel drug screening system by using cardio muscular cells induced as above.


Dr. Fumitaka Osakada
Assistant Prof., Dept of Basci Medicinal Sciences, Nagoya University


Mr. Hirohisa Abe
Shimadzu Corporation


  • @Main Room

Open innovation of seabed exploration

This symposium gives you the impression how amazing the research of ocean development and seabed exploration is. We mean “YOU” for researchers and engineers who never felt these area as your own topic. Resource exploitation, seabed mapping, probe development and etc, the ideas from different area is desired. In this session, the way of collaboration and ultimate goal will be discussed.


Mr. Yusuke Shinozawa
Director, Institute of Incubation and Investment
Leave a Nest Co., Ltd.


Dr. Tastuo Nozaki
JAMSTEC Researcher

Developing novel technology for mining natural resources from ocean-floor hydrothermal deposit. The winner of Deep-Tech Grand Prix 2016.


Dr. Toshihiro Maki
Associate Prof
Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo,

R&D of novel underwater systems such as the network type autonomous platforms


The GEBCO Committee

GEBCO abbrebiates General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans. The committee produces the official sea-floor map with IOC, the international organization of world waterway.


  • @Main Room

Panel Discussion
Integration of intestinal medicine and data science

Intestine is a hot organ now since various scientific evidence shows the strong correlation between intestinal flora and health status. In this session,specialists will discuss about intestine from each perspective. You can see researcher who analyze intestinal flora, young MD who keep posting the info about intestine to the public, and data scientists who can find the hidden parameter from massive data in intestine. You can get “gut-feeling” about your intestine after the talk.

<Facilitator >

Dr. Shinji Fukuda
Project Associate Professor, Institute for Advanced Biosciences, Keio University,

The Winner of the 1st Bioscience Grand Prix organized by Leave a Nest, and established Metagen Inc. with his team's original technology Metabologenomics to fully understand Intestinal flora for human health. He also works as CEO of Metagen Inc.


Dr. Takuji Yamada
Associate Prof. Dept. of Life Science and Technology, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Investigating metabolic map created by the symbiotic activity of both human and the intestinal flora from the viewpoint of Bioinformatics. He also works as CTO of Metagen Inc.


Dr. Yukari Tanaka
Assistant Prof., Tohoku Medical Megabank Organization

Supporting community medicine in the area where the Tohoku earthquake occurred, and at the same time investigating irritable bowel syndrome. Organizing website “Onaka hacker” and “Onaka Hackathon” to solve the patients daily life problems.


Dr. Takuya Kitagawa
Executive Officer, Rakuten, Inc.
Director, Data Intelligence Supervisory Department
CDO (Chief Data strategy Officer), E-Commerce Company

After studying mathematics and physics at Harvard University, Takuya Kitagawa obtained his Ph.D. from the Harvard University Department of Physics. Before joining Rakuten, he was a theoretical physicist with more than 15 publications in refereed journals such as Science.
He currently leads data science and big data initiatives for Rakuten with the aim of accelerating data utilization throughout the whole group.


  • @Room D

Talk Session
Open factory centered collaboration: Why don’t we discuss the problems in a factory?

<Facilitator >

Mr. Kazuhiro Hasegawa
Officer, CKO
Leave a Nest Co., Ltd.


Mr. Keiichi Hamano
Hamano Products Co., Ltd.

As one of the renowned SME manufactures n Japan, HAMANO PRODUCTS has brought engineering solutions to many companies and researchers with its expertise in laser processing, metal mold,and accurate metal plating. Mr. Hamano is keen in collaboration to engineering startup these days, and runs GARAGE SUMIDA prototyping lab.

Mar 3rd (Fri) 9:30〜20:00 (Networking Party 18:30〜20:00)

On Mar 3rd, a ticket to attend the sessions in main room costs 50,000 JPY. If your affiliation is one of the Diamond Partners of TECH PLANTER, the above fee is to be waved.

Main Room
Room D
  • 17:20-18:20Panel Discussion
    -What's the Right Thing to Do-
Room E
  • 14:00-17:00TECH PLANTER Meetup
Room F
  • 9:30-18:00Poster Presentation


  • @Main Room

Special Talk Session
Real Tech Startups will bring you to the world of FAIRY TALE
-The vision of startup ecosystem from world top accelerator and VC-


Senior VP of PlugandPlay TechCenter joins the first session!!
Director of the acceleration program in Singularity University joins the first session!!

Nowadays, it is not rare for the big corporations to have their own open innovation schemes to startups. However, it is still uncommon to really discuss why we need such collaboration. And also, the vision in long run is really difficult one to be shared explicitly. To really solve the wicked problems from collaborations, What we really needs to know? In this session, World TOP accelerator and VC invited from Silicon Valley and Singapore share their spirits.

<Facilitator/Speaker >

Dr. Ryuta Takeda
Director of Global Bridge Laboratory
Leave a Nest Co., Ltd


Ms. Monique Giggy
Director of Startup Accelerator, Singularity University

Monique Giggy runs the Singularity University Accelerator. She is a seasoned value creator with proven success building/exiting companies, driving turnarounds, and leading high performing global teams. Prior to SU she conceived and helped build the world’s most popular and successful mobile golf application- Swing by Swing Golf which she sold in 2014. After the sell of her company she participated in the 2014 Global Solutions Program where she fell in love with SU and discovered new passions in biotech, AI and future forecasting.


Ms. Jackie V. Hernandez
SVP of Operations & Customer Engagement, PlugandPlay TechCenter

Founding member of Plug and Play, the largest high-tech business accelerator in the United States. In this role, Jackie has been instrumental in building and cultivating an extraordinary ecosystem for innovation that has facilitated the birth of companies like PayPal, Lending Club, Dropbox, and a number of other Silicon Valley Icons valued at over US$25 billion.


Mr. Kelvin Ong
CEO, FocusTech Ventures

With over 15 years of experience in precision engineering and technology, Kelvin is the Executive Director of FocusTech Holding, formerly the holding company of the Seksun Group, world’s leading HDD component maker. As both an entrepreneur and active angel investor, he is also the founder and CEO of FocusTech Ventures (FTV), a seed stage investment firm and technology incubator, as well as FTV Labs, a venture studio dedicated to modernizing old-line industries with design and technology.


Mr. Maximilian Ge
President, Cambridge University Technology and Enterprise Club

CUTEC was founded in 2003 to support entrepreneurship in science and technology fields at the University of Cambridge. Maximilian is the current head of CUTEC as well as assistant for the Accelerate Cambridge Programme which is the startup acceleration programme at the Judge Business School, University of Cambridge. He has a wide range of knowledge about startups from Cambridge and is himself involved in organizing activities to accelerate the innovation occurring in Cambridge.


  • @Main Room

Special Talks from Internaiton startups & reseacheres
Startups from different countries equal a melting pot of big problem sets

MUST SEE! The Special talk from a high profile social entrepreneur from Philippines known as interviewed by President Obama. And also, one of the key features in biotech field from Silicon Valley.

USA, UK and Philippines experienced radical changes in 2016. Now how do the entrepreneurs in each country feel it is interesting topic. In this session, invited speakers from each country share problem sets they are trying to solve in sequence. By summing up all the talk, we may capture the fresh landscape of the world in 2017.

<Special Talk 1>

Dr. Simon Schultz
Reader in Neurotechnology and Director of the Centre for Neurotechnology at Imperial College London

Dr Simon Schultz, FIET FRSB, is Reader in Neurotechnology and Director of the Centre for Neurotechnology at Imperial College London, as well as Visiting Senior Research Fellow at Jesus College, Oxford. His research group is interested in developing (and applying) photonic, electrophysiological and information technology to “reverse-engineer” the operating principles of cortical circuits, as well as to treat disorders resulting from dysfunctioning brain circuits (with a particular focus on neurodegenerative disorders). The Centre for Neurotechnology aims to spur novel interdisciplinary research at the interface between neuroscience and engineering, to develop and harness new technologies for understanding and treating brain disorders.

<Special Talk 2>

Mr. Raymond McCauley
Chair, Digital Biology
Singularity University

Raymond McCauley is a scientist, engineer, and entrepreneur working at the forefront of biotechnology. Raymond explores how applying technology to life ‘ biology, genetics, medicine, agriculture ‘ is affecting every one of us. He is known for using storytelling and down-to-earth examples to show how quickly these changes are happening, right now. Raymond is: Chair of the Biotech Track at Singularity University , a Silicon Valley think tank devoted to training leaders about exponential technologies.

<Special Talk 3>

Ms. Anna Skaya (Left)
CEO, Basepaws
Dr. Shan Zhao (Right)
CTO, Basepaws

Shan has a M.D. Ph.D. in Systems Pharmacology. He has also developed numerous mobile apps and has been programming for over 15 years. Shan is a huge Starwars fan, loves animal genetics, and cannot imagine his life without Nessie and Suffie, his two perfect black cats.
Basepaws’ website

<Special Talk 4>

Ms. Aisa Mijeno
Co-Founder & CEO

Aisa Mijeno is a faculty member of Engineering and Innovation Labs Director at De La Salle University — Lipa. Being a member of Greenpeace PH, she has traveled many places promoting environmental campaigns. She also loves hiking which brought her to the majestic mountains of Kalinga where it all began. The product concept was formed after living with the natives of the Butbut tribe for days relying only on kerosene lamps to do evening chores.


  • @Main Room

Award Ceremony
Real Tech Venture of the Year 2017

The annual award ceremony for the Real Tech startups. Based on originality, novelty, and growth potential, Leave a Nest selected several startups to be awarded. C-level personnel from each startup pitches his/her business in the session.

Selection Criteria of RTVOY

  • Own Question & Passion that can change the world
  • Business plan in Real Tech field with originality, novelty, growth potential
  • A team that can make the plan actually happenReal Tech is the innovative technology that can solve global-level human problems.
    Younger than 3 year-old startups can be awarded to Startup Award, and more than 3 year-old startups can be awarded to Growth Award.

We will announce the awardee, soon!

REAL TECH VENTURE of the Year 2016 Awardee

Startup Award
Meltin MMI Co., Ltd.
Photosynth Inc.
Farmship Inc.

Growth Award
Miraikikai Inc.
4D Sensor Inc.

Both in Mar 2nd & 3rd 

Free to attend

Hyper-Interdisciplinary Poster Session

@Room F

Various research topics in one room. This unique set-up allows participants with different expertise mingle.to freely discuss.

A short pitch from Real Tech startup

A scene from individual startup booth


09:30 – 12:30
@Room E

Meetup event for the selected Real Tech startups to find a new team member who can accelerate its business. If you have a thought to join/help Real Tech startups, this is the one to drop by.