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Kagawa Forum] Super Interdisciplinary Pitch and Technology Splash by Researchers and Ventures / Saturday, December 3, 2022

【香川フォーラム】研究者・ベンチャーによる超異分野ピッチ・テクノロジースプラッシュ / 2022年12月3日(土)

A "Technology Splash," a super-different field pitch by researchers and venture companies, will be held within the Kagawa Forum 2022 (Saturday, December 3, 2022), a super-different field conference hosted by LIVERNESS.

Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference in Kagawa Forum 2022

Conference Theme
Building Bridges from Setouchi to the World's Deep Issue

Date: Saturday, December 3, 2022, 9:30-18:00

The Technology Splash, named after the word "splash," which means "to splash, splash, or fall with a zap," is an opportunity for researchers and venture capitalists to pitch what they want to do and what they are looking for in 90 seconds to the audience. The goal is to find researchers who are passionate about what they are doing and to use their pitches as inspiration to come up with new ideas, while being exposed to the knowledge and enthusiasm of researchers who appear one after another. The aim is then to develop into more in-depth discussions at the poster presentations, leading to the creation of new collaborative research.

Technology Splash," a super interdisciplinary pitch by researchers and venture capitalists

Date: Saturday, December 3, 2022, 10:00-11:00
Place: Takamatsu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Main Hall)

List of Speakers

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1 Research on heart health in farmed fish Yu Usui Kawasaki Medical School
2 Development of Organic Cathode Active Materials for Lithium Ion Batteries Using In-battery Polymerization Aya Yoshimura Ehime University
3 Development of new technology to increase production of tree-stem biomass Masaaki Umeda Nara Institute of Science and Technology
4 Development of new anti-aging materials that contribute to sustainable environmental protection Takuji Namba Kochi University
5 Creation of a free bulletin board for use in times of disaster Yuichiro Iwato Okayama Kyozan Junior High School
6 Development of super water-repellent, oil-repellent, highly transparent substrate with surface anti-reflection and antifouling functions Yoshifumi Susaki Faculty of Creative Engineering, Kagawa University
7 Wave Height Inclinometer for Capsize Prediction Based on Three-Dimensional Center-of-Gravity Detection Theory Yutaka Watanabe Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology
8 Development of the "Libet" video distribution site for the "SozanLiveralArts" presentation event by junior high school students Rintaro Kondo Okayama Kyozan Junior High School
9 Further Development of Embodied Robotics Masanori Koga Fukuyama University
10 Production of low GI and gluten-free foods using sago palm starch Ken Yomogo Tender Hearts Inc.
11 Efforts to better understand synaesthetes and research on mapping synaesthesia to non-synaesthetes Midori Kubo Hana Hana*Mikan LLC/Kagawa University Graduate School
12 Creation of functional materials using microfluidic channels Kazuhisa Kishimoto Full Area Corporation, Okayama University
13 Coronac, a virus suppressor with deep ultraviolet LED that can be installed in existing air circulators Akiko Miyake KAZU Air Conditioning Ltd.
14 Introduction of microscope-related solutions Hideaki Oka Seihodo Corporation
15 Centrifugal Separation Opens the Way to the Future Tetsuya Inokuchi Vantec Ltd.
16 Future Safety Inspection with Gas Leak Visualization System Using Infrared Spectroscopy Technology Tsubasa Nishifuji Soilook Corporation
17 Disabled and AI deliver superb sleep environment Koichi Mori Maurice Corporation
18 With the motto of "Learning from Nature" and "Returning to Nature," we protect a safe and rich global environment. Takehiko Ohki Ohki Kogei Co.
19 Development PJ of electric bikes that don't roll over Hirotsugu Hamada RIDE DESIGN / Ride Design, HAL Osaka, Osaka High Technology Academy
20 Revolutionizing Construction Site Production with Collaborative Work Robots Tatsuya Mabe Kenrobotech Corporation
21 Nanodispersion of poorly soluble bioactive substances...Flow-type nanodispersion process without external force Yoshiaki Nakasaki Nano Cube Japan Co.



Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference in Kagawa Forum 2022

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We look forward to welcoming visitors from academia, venture companies, large corporations, town factories, local governments, junior high and high school students, and many others.

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