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Osaka Conference] Thinking about the Future of Activities to Expand the Base of Research / August 27, 2022


panel discussion

Thinking about the future of activities to expand the base of research


A panel discussion, "Thinking about the future of activities to expand the base of research" (session partner: Bio Impact Co., Ltd.) will be held within the Osaka Conference 2022 (Saturday, August 27, 2022) of the Association for Hyperdifferent Fields.


Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference in Osaka 2022

The development of science and technology has fueled the technological and cultural progress of humankind, much of which originated from personal intellectual curiosity. The knowledge generated through personal activities has been enriched by being shared through conversations, manuscripts, and academic conferences, and has become the foundation of today's civilization by being recognized as an achievement that could change the world. Since the advent of the Internet, the amount of such academic information distributed has increased dramatically. In recent years, in particular, there has been a growing movement to promote open science, in which research data, related materials, and papers of results are immediately shared around the world to promote the composition of the next phase of research. With such an environment in place that facilitates access to research-related information, how is the scope of this environment expanding and what possibilities are emerging? We welcome as speakers those who are exploring the possibilities of activities in relation to citizens and the next generation, and together with the audience, we will think about the future of this field.

We will have a program of discussions among researchers, startups, and large companies from a variety of perspectives, not limited to the themes of this session. For more information,Conference Websitefor more information.

*The event will be held after taking measures against new coronavirus infection on the day of the event.

Thinking about the future of activities to expand the base of research

Date: Saturday, August 27, 2022, 16:20-17:10
Location: Knowledge Capital Conference Room Tower C


Mr. Junichi Sugihara
Representative Director, Bio Impact Inc.

The company operates one of Japan's largest databases of research topics and researchers, "Japan-Research.com," which combines information on funding for scientific research from various ministries and research institutions with information on researchers and press releases. The company also provides sales support services for research reagent and equipment companies, as well as industry-academia collaboration matching and KOL search services for pharmaceutical companies, etc., utilizing its proprietary analysis algorithms for research fields, etc., built using machine learning and natural language processing.

Eri Ono he
Assistant Professor, IT Planning Office, Information Environment Organization, Kyoto University

In 2010, he joined the University of Tokyo's Graduate School of Science, where he worked on the design of websites, logos, etc. while conducting primate research. In 2018, she joined Kyoto University's Information Environment Organization, where she has been involved in the renewal of the university's website and the establishment of a system to ensure its continued operation. He is interested in open science, and conducts research and activities on Citizen Science, especially involving the general public in research. Doctor of Science.

Daigo Fujita 
Representative Director, Manufacturing and Development Division, Liverness Corporation / NEST EdLAB, Inc.

M.S., Tokyo Institute of Technology, Graduate School of Bioscience and Biotechnology. Specialized in protein engineering. He has loved science and nature since he was a child, and has tried his hand at Boy Scouts, amateur radio, and electronic construction. Upon entering university, he was involved in setting up volunteer activities at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) and founded the Tokyo Tech Science Techno, a science event circle. After joining RIVANES, he has been involved in the development of educational programs for nearly 100 companies, including the "Space Education Project" utilizing the International Space Station and the "Robotics Lab," a robotics class for elementary school students. He also founded NEST EdLAB, Inc. to accelerate this business.

Junichiro Ishio
General Manager, Kansai Development Business Division, Liverness Co.

D. in International Development Engineering from Tokyo Institute of Technology. D. in Engineering. From engineering to physiological psychology, he does not hesitate to dive into any field that interests him. As a student, he conducted manufacturing projects both inside and outside of Japan. During his doctoral years, he conducted research on measuring human emotions using wearable terminals. In his hometown of Kagawa Prefecture, he established the Kagawa Tech Planter and the Society of Transdisciplinary Studies, and is currently struggling to create a project that will change the world from the local community.


Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference in Osaka 2022