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Osaka Conference] Super Interdisciplinary Pitch and Technology Splash by Researchers and Venture Businesses / August 27, 2022

【大阪大会】研究者・ベンチャーによる超異分野ピッチ・テクノロジースプラッシュ / 2022年8月27日

A "Technology Splash," a super-different field pitch by researchers and venture companies, will be held within the Osaka Conference 2022 (Saturday, August 27, 2022), a super-different field conference hosted by LIVERNESS.

Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference in Osaka 2022

Conference Theme: "Collision Point" of Knowledge to Create Change

Date: Saturday, August 27, 2022, 9:30-19:00

The Technology Splash, named after the word "splash," which means "to splash, splash, or fall with a zap," is an opportunity for researchers and venture capitalists to pitch what they want to do and what they are looking for in 90 seconds to the audience. The goal is to find researchers who are passionate about what they are doing and to use their pitches as inspiration to come up with new ideas, while being exposed to the knowledge and enthusiasm of researchers who appear one after another. The aim is then to develop into more in-depth discussions at the poster presentations, leading to the creation of new collaborative research.

Technology Splash," a super interdisciplinary pitch by researchers and venture capitalists

Date: Saturday, August 27, 2022, 10:00-11:00
Location: Knowledge Capital Conference Room Tower C

List of Presenters

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Humanome Research Institute, Inc.

Jun Seze

Let's make Euglena AI together! - Euglena Recognition AI made with Humanome Eyes


Shinshu University

Kozo Nakamura

Demonstration of effectiveness and potential of individualized nutritional optimal diet (AI diet)


High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK)

Masashi Otani

Innovative Imaging Technology with a Compact Muon Accelerator


Kyoto University

Yohei Nakanishi

Imaging analysis of polyolefin materials using soft and tender X-rays


Nagoya University

Taichi Iseya

Development of sampling measurement device for PM2.5 using glass fiber


Osaka University Graduate School

Narioka Mirai

Sensing of volatile organic compounds using all-organic porous materials


HiLable, Inc.

Takeshi Mizumoto

Bamiel visualizes the place of communication


Tender Hearts Inc.

Ken Yomogo

Development of candy that stimulates saliva secretion and facilitates swallowing for grandchildren and the elderly.


Fukuyama University

Masanori Koga

Further Development of Embodied Robotics


Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology

Yu, Kai Lun

Fastest automatic driving to prevent rollover based on the three-dimensional center-of-gravity detection theory

Fastest autonomous driving without causing rollover based on the detection of three-dimensional center of gravity


Teikyo Heisei University

Shoichi Komine

Effects of Acupuncture Current Stimulation on Muscle Pain and Novel Markers of Muscle Injury after Transient Exercise


Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR)

Matsuzuro, Takayuki

Wireless power supply to drones in flight using an air-core beam


Osaka City Miyahara Junior High School

Rei-Wan Matsuo

Research on an inexpensive underwater drone that can accurately measure water depth based on image data


Wakayama Industrial Technology Center

Tomohiro Akagi

Cultivation of aquatic worms as live bait


Jinsuke Nakayama

Revival of the Ehime conger eel brand and research and development of alternative fishmeal


Tokyo Institute of Technology

Toranosuke Horikawa

Desalination Technology and Valuable Resource Recovery Methods Using Liquid Metal Technology


Correspondence course student, Faculty of Science and Technology, Akita University

Genjiro Maeda

Theme 1: Balancing stormwater runoff control in urban areas with maintenance and renewal of park trees.

Theme 2: Meteorological Research at Mt.


Nagoya University Graduate School

Daichi Urano

Construction of islet cell temperature measurement system using nano quantum sensor


University of Hyogo

Masato Suzuki

Development of an electrode device for unlabeled cell evaluation using cell rotation speed as an indicator.


Universal Bio Sampling Co.

Koji Yoshida

Easy and convenient blood and saliva testing for early detection of diseases


University of Shizuoka

Kouhei Yamada

Prediction of Pharmacokinetics of Drugs and Drug Products in Animals and Humans Using In silico Modeling & Simulation


Tokyo Institute of Technology

Shodaro Tagawa

Integration of Different Fields in Origin of Life Research


Seijo University

Shinichi Sakai

Proposal of Brain Map: New Value Creation Based on Layman's Idea and Expert's Execution


Shinshu Daigaku

Eugenio Hernan Otal

MOF-based sensors for water quality assessment: Quantification of Fluoride in drinking water.


Kankyo Daizen Corporation

Yuta Kato

Investigation to elucidate the effect and mechanism of action of liquid organic fertilizers derived from livestock wastes.


Kanazawa University Graduate School

Mika Konuma

Expanding suitable areas for cultivation of the medicinal plant "honeysuckle".


Yuge Merchant Marine Technical College

Kotaro Mori

Educational Use of Portable Power Generation Facilities with Stirling Engine and Rocket Stove


Osaka University

Ryota Akai

Creation of innovative organic semiconductor materials for next-generation devices


Hosen Gakuen Junior High School Co-educational Science and Mathematics Inter

Shunsuke Matsumura

Microbial energy powers smart speakers to listen to music


BIOTA Corporation

Kohei Ito

Creating sustainable and healthy spaces designed in symbiosis with microorganisms



Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference in Osaka 2022

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