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Special Program: Knowledge Manufacturing Ignition / August 27, 2022

【大阪大会】特別企画:Knowledge Manufacturing Ignition(ナレッジ・マニュファクチャリング・イグニッション)/ 2022年8月27日

RIVANES will host the "Knowledge Manufacturing Ignition," a pitch for co-creation of new research themes by researchers and ventures, within the Osaka Conference 2022 (Saturday, August 27, 2022) of the Society of Transdisciplinary Research, organized by RIVANES. The event will be held on August 27, 2022 (Saturday).

Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference in Osaka 2022

Conference Theme: "Collision Point" of Knowledge to Create Change

Date: Saturday, August 27, 2022, 9:30-19:00

Focus Systems has been creating projects in collaboration with researchers and start-ups, mainly in the fields of agriculture and education, by leveraging its strength cultivated in the IT business that supports social infrastructure. In this project, we hope to work together with the participants to create a place where we can cross-fertilize each other's expertise and create completely new research themes.

In this project, teams consisting of two or more researchers, venture companies, etc., who collided their knowledge and generated collaborative hypotheses within the convention on the day of the event are invited to make a short presentation on the research theme proposal that was generated after a simple entry on the day of the event. The "Focus Systems Award for the Osaka Congress of the Association for Transdisciplinary Research in Science and Technology" will be selected from among the presenters. The winning team will also receive a supplementary prize of 100,000 yen as a reserve fund for deepening collaborative hypotheses.

Let us create "collision points" of knowledge, as stated in the conference theme, and deepen our discussions to create the future together. I look forward to seeing you all.

powered by Focus Systems Inc.
Special Program: Knowledge Manufacturing Ignition

Date: Saturday, August 27, 2022, 16:20-17:10
Location: Knowledge Capital Conference Room Tower C


Mr. Yuji Matsuzaka
IT Innovation Business Division and Business Creation Office, Focus Systems, Inc.

Shuichiro Takahashi
Representative Director, President and COO, Liverness, Inc.

Flow of the day

*The flow is in preparation. Changes may be made on the day of the event.

10:00-11:00  Technology Splash Listen to pitches from participating researchers and ventures and find a partner with whom you would like to have a discussion.
11:00-11:50 Poster Session The collaboration hypothesis will be examined through discussion.
12:00-12:50 Lunch break
14:00 Application Deadline Entries will be made by the deadline with the collaboration hypotheses considered.
14:50 Presenters and
Announcement of order of presentation
We will announce who will present in the project and the order in which they will present. Those selected will be asked to prepare a presentation (in principle, without slides).
16:20-17:10 Special Program:Knowledge Manufacturing Ignition Short presentations will be made within the project, and the adopted applicants will be announced.

Focus Systems Award, Society of Hyperdifferential Studies, Osaka 2022

Number of adopted cases: approx. 3
Extra prize: 100,000 yen


Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference in Osaka 2022

Registration for auditing and participation is now open.

We look forward to welcoming visitors from academia, venture companies, large corporations, town factories, local governments, junior high and high school students, and many others.

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