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The Japan Society for Transdisciplinary Research Yamagata Forum 2022 will be held on August 20, 2022.

【2022年8月20日開催決定】超異分野学会 山形フォーラム2022を実施いたします

LIVERNESS Corporation will co-sponsor with the city of Sakata the Super Interdisciplinary Society Yamagata Forum 2022 on Saturday, August 20, 2022. The theme of the conference is "A Virtuous Circle of Knowledge Exchange in the Region," and a wide range of passionate people will gather, including middle and high school students, students, researchers, venture companies, town factories, large corporations, and local governments. By crossing various kinds of knowledge, we aim to create and disseminate new knowledge from the Shonai region that will lead to solutions to global issues. We look forward to the participation of many people.

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Outline of Yamagata Forum 2022

  • Date : August 20, 2022 (Saturday) 9:30-15:50
  • Venue : Le Pot Fou Conference Room and Banquet Hall (Sakata City, Yamagata Prefecture)
  • Co-sponsor : Sakata City, Liverness Co.
  • Cooperation : Shonai Agribusiness Research Association
  • Participants: Academia, venture companies, local businesses, producers, large companies, town factories, local governments, junior high and high school students, etc.
  • Keywords: agriculture and livestock, unused resources, carbon neutral, energy, food and medicine, manufacturing, logistics, etc.
  • Poster abstract registration: open to academia researchers, junior high and high school students, deadline for registration 18:00, Wednesday, July 20, 2022
  • Registration for Booth Exhibit :For venture companies, town factories, etc., registration deadline is July 20, 2022 (Wed.) at 18:00.

<Call for Poster Abstracts and Booth Exhibits! >Call for Poster Abstracts and Booth Exhibits!

The Yamagata Forum invites poster presentations from researchers in academia, junior high and high school students from all fields, not limited to fields related to the conference theme. We are also looking for venture companies and local factories to set up booths. We also invite participants who plan to present posters or booths to participate in the Pitch Session.

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Poster Abstracts and Booth Exhibits - Deadline: Wednesday, July 20, 2022

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The Shonai region, the setting for the Yamagata Forum, was a key transportation hub with the port of Sakata at the mouth of the Mogami River, where many wealthy merchants were active. By taking advantage of the westbound shipping route connecting it to Kyoto and by gathering and moving people and goods, the region has developed to the extent that it is known as "Sakai in the west and Sakata in the east. The profits earned from these activities were actively returned to the region, creating a virtuous cycle in the region's history. The concept of expanding "trade" based on the spirit of "public interest" has taken root in the region even today.
In this forum, we would like to design a place where local businesses, researchers, venture companies, and large corporations can gather and discuss, with the aim of creating a further virtuous circle of "knowledge" in addition to people and goods. Since the project undertaken by Sakata City and RIVANES in FY2021, a study group-type activity has already begun with local businesses playing a central role, and there is a growing willingness to promote various demonstration projects. Local products produced in the rich plains surrounded by mountains and the sea, the "Port of Sakata," a key port known as a recycling port, and the related industries that are concentrated there, as well as the people who take pride in their trade and public service. We will face these local resources with a research-oriented mindset, and "Transcend, Connect. Connecting. Change the world. We will set up a knowledge trade that contributes to "Transcending, Connecting, and Changing the World. Let us create a future from the Shonai region that will lead to solutions to the world's problems. We hope you will join us.

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