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Tokyo Conference] Super Interdisciplinary Pitch and Technology Splash by Researchers and Ventures / March 4-5, 2022


Pitches by researchers and venture companies in very different fields

technology splash


We will hold "Technology Splash," a super-different field pitch by researchers and venture capitalists, within the Tokyo Conference 2022 (March 4 (Fri.)-5 (Sat.), 2022) of the Society of Hyper-Different Fields.

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The Technology Splash, named after the word "splash," which means "to splash, splash, or fall with a zap," is an opportunity for researchers and venture capitalists to pitch what they want to do and what they are looking for in 90 seconds to the audience. The goal is to find researchers who are passionate about what they are doing and to use their pitches as inspiration to come up with new ideas, while being exposed to the knowledge and enthusiasm of researchers who appear one after another. The aim is then to develop into more in-depth discussions at the poster presentations, leading to the creation of new collaborative research.


Not limited to the themes of this session, we will have a program of discussions among researchers, startups, and large companies from a variety of perspectives. For details, please refer to the conference website.

*The event will be held after taking measures against new coronavirus infection on the day of the event.


Pitches by researchers and venture companies in very different fields
Technology Splash."

Date: Friday, March 4 and Saturday, March 5, 2022, 10:00-11:00 on both days
Location: TOC Gotanda Messe (6-6-19 Nishi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo)


Day 1: March 4

order of presentation belong to identity Title/Theme
1 Saitama University Kensuke Kageyama Movement of plants and microorganisms captured by acoustic emission
2 Shiga University of Medical Science Junko Okano Surgical procedures that do not result in kizuato
3 Tokyo Metropolitan University Yuya Miyawaki Research on a system to promote switching behavior from obsessive behavior in autistic children
4 Tottori University of Environmental Studies Shin Sato Degradation of flame retardant rubber by mushrooms
5 Yokohama National University Graduate School Shogen Matsumoto Technology for synthesis of thick film phosphor using high speed vapor deposition method
6 Tokyo Woman's Christian University Ikutaro Masaki An Empirical Study of the Visualization and Psychological Effects of Praise in the Workplace
7 Miyazaki University Aya Nishiwaki Can the "plant water meter" tell how much water a plant needs?
8 Foundation for the Advancement of International Science (FAIS) Yohisa Kawasaki Effects of AC electric field exposure on prolonged survival and improved sleep
9 Tokyo City University Akifumi Kawamura "SATOYAMA BANKING": Supporting Japanese companies that are expanding their business globally by visualizing their SDGs and nature conservation activities!
10 Fukushima University Hironori Ohashi Creating a taste map of tomatoes that allows one to imagine the flavor without tasting.
11 Shikokuchuo City School Education Division (Junior High School) Jinsuke Nakayama Development of bait for captive and cultured fish
12 Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology Daigo Hasegawa Posture and fatigue evaluation system during running based on human center of gravity detection theory
13 Emulsion Flow Technologies, Inc. Hirochika Naganawa Business related to horizontal recycling of rare metals
14 Fujii Farm Ltd. Yuichiro Fujii Do you know what A2 milk is?
15 Yamagata Prefectural Yonezawa Kojokan High School Akiyuki Umetsu Weather forecasting using microparticles
16 Department of Sports and Health Science, Faculty of Human Sciences, Kyushu Sangyo University Goichi Hagiwara Is playing digital games effective in improving cognitive function? -A Proposed Protocol for Measuring Effectiveness-.
17 The University of Tokyo Kenji Itao Evolutionary Models Reveal Universality and Diversity of Social Structures
18 Kyoto Sangyo University Shota Wada Sensing Mechanisms of Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress Sensors via Redox Regulation.
19 RIDE DESIGN / Ride Design, HAL Osaka, Osaka High Technology Academy Hirotsugu Hamada Development PJ of electric bikes that don't roll over
20 Sydecas Corporation Masahiro Yoritama NinjaFoods, evolving all kinds of food to be healthier and more sustainable
21 Cecil Research Inc. Keiji Yamashita Research business specializing in attached organisms (barnacles, mussels, hydras, algae, etc.)
22 Core System Japan Inc. Taishi Yamazaki Looking at the Environment and Infrastructure with i-Line, a Non-breakable Sensor and IoT System
23 Tokyo Metropolitan University Hiromichi Obara Organ Engineering for the Future
24 I-Compology Corporation Hideki Koide Reducing Environmental Impact through the Use of Biomass Composite Plastics
25 MicroBiophactory, Inc. Masashi Shimizu Development of upcycled materials using unused sugarcane resources
26 IHI Jet Service Co. Yoshifumi Dounomae If this doesn't work, give up. image improvement device that visualizes even a 1-bit difference.
27 Universal BioSampling, Inc. Fumiaki Hirata Innovative bio-sampling by solid-phase liquid specimens at room temperature
28 OUTSENSE Corporation Takayama Takahashi Introduction of Surface Shape Search Service
29 MORESCO Corporation Shingo Maruyama Nano-emulsion of liposoluble drugs into aqueous solutions - Improvement of absorption and use in bioassessment.
30 Rohto Pharmaceutical Co. Manzumi Kasahara Sustainable hot bath facility "Fermentation Sauna


Day2: March 5

order of presentation belong to identity Title/Theme
1 Vantec Ltd. Tetsuya Inokuchi Centrifugal separation solves the problem of livestock manure!
2 Keio University Yuya Enbara Elucidating the Mechanisms of Sleep Deprivation-Induced Alteration of Immune Responses
3 Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Doshisha University Kohei Okuda Composite of chemically modified cellulose and hydroxyapatite for development of high toughness biomass materials
4 The University of Tokyo Graduate School Kosei Yoshikawa Analysis of human flow around ticket gates
5 Tokyo University of Technology Takumi Sato Carnosic acid from rosemary may inhibit COVID by two pathways
6 Osaka University Shih, Hong-ju Rare metal-free room temperature phosphorescent materials for sustainable OLED devices
7 (1)National Institute of Radiological Sciences, (2)Chiba University Koide, Koji(1), Natsume, Yuhei(2) Proposal for experimental teaching materials to see the light tunneling effect (evanescent phenomenon)
8 NPO Daichi Tomofumi Obata Distance Rehabilitation Support Based on Behavior Analysis of Operant Behavior of Children and Caregivers - Toward Industry-Academia Collaboration Connecting Parents, Supporters, Specialists, and Government -.
9 Muroran Institute of Technology Koji Uei Development of functional food for dementia prevention using ingredients produced in Shiranukan Town, Hokkaido
10 Waseda University Rie Nitta The relationship between differences and discrepancies in body clock rhythms and differences in nutritional intake for each diet.
11 Yuge Merchant Marine Technical College Kotaro Mori Development of a portable power generation system combining a rocket stove and a Stirling engine
12 Osaka University Ryota Akai Creation of innovative organic semiconductor materials for next-generation devices
13 Fish Biotech, Inc. Toshiko Tanaka Changing the world through land-based aquaculture
14 International University of Health and Welfare Nobuhiro Watanabe Distance care support based on behavior analysis centered on the child and caregiver's responder response.
15 Kyushu University Makoto Tokunaga Controlling the Aroma of Alcoholic Beverages with Supported Gold Nanoparticles
16 Kyoto University Graduate School Naoto Toyoda Approaching the Evolutionary Origins of the Human Face! ~Quantitative Studies of Facial Cranial Morphology in Primates~.
17 Setagaya Gakuen Junior & Senior High School Daichi Watanuki Potential of Tokyo Bay red tide diatom as an alternative feed material for fishmeal
18 Osaka University Graduate School Takahiro Ami All-organic porous material for selective separation of greenhouse gases
19 The University of Tokyo Daichi Yanagisawa Yoshinoya Agent Simulation
20 Gunma University Kei Suzuki Estrogen, a sex hormone, triggers osteogenic cell differentiation and substrate calcification
21 Tohoku University Kosuke Hiromori Proposal for a self-supporting energy-efficient electrolysis system for the treatment of oil and grease wastes.
22 Kyushu University of Health and Welfare Norito Takamura Medication instruction using ADME dolls (puppets) and other uses and strategies for worldwide dissemination
23 Plant Kikou Co. Abe Naka Expanded development and sales of microgrid baseloads that use renewable energy
24 BIOTA Corporation Kohei Ito Creating sustainable and healthy spaces designed in symbiosis with microorganisms
25 National Institute for Materials Science Takeshi Imamura Sensor to measure odor
26 JSC Technology Corporation Iku Sato Development and commercialization of innovative energy-saving technologies for data centers
27 Science Farm Corporation Masami Otsuka Molecularly targeted deodorant for age-related odors
28 Gifu University Graduate School Shunya Nagasobe Development of highly functional materials using the world's first "Anaerobic" technology
29 Ashirase Corporation Ryohei Tokuda Development of "Ashirase" walking navigation system for the visually impaired, quantification of attention resources
30 Easpe.inc Tomohiro Hiratsuka Monitoring system for rehabilitation facilities to visualize children's growth


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