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Osaka Conference 2021 of the Society of Hyperdifferent Fields was held.

【大阪】超異分野学会 大阪大会2021を開催しました

RIVERNESS held the "Society of Hyperdifferent Fields Conference Osaka 2021" on Saturday, April 24, 2021. The event was held with a limited number of local visitors to prevent the spread of infection by the new coronavirus infection. A total of 106 people, including academia researchers, venture companies, large corporations, town factories, government officials, and high school students, attended the event.

The program included one keynote speech, seven pitches and sessions, and 34 posters and booths. For details of the program, please seeWeb page of the Society for Hyperdifferential Studies Osaka Conference 2021for more information.

At this year's Super-Different Field Conference Osaka 2021, titled "Updating the Foundations of Life," we discussed the future of food, communication, health, medicine, manufacturing, environment and energy, as well as the human resource mobility of researchers. These sessions have given us a clear direction for updating each of these fields with new technologies and ideas, and we will work to make them concrete, with the 2025 Osaka-Kansai Expo as one milestone. The research poster presentations and booth exhibits also brought about research exchanges that transcended fields, positions, and generations, creating opportunities for new collaborations, such as joint research.

We at RIVERNESS will continue to nurture the seeds of innovation born from this kind of hyperdifferentiated communication and lead the way in updating the infrastructure of our lives from the Kansai region. At the conference, we hope to see the growth of the seeds that have been born this time. We look forward to seeing you there.

Best Poster Award

The winners were judged by LIVERNESS based on the following criteria: whether they are passionate about their research, whether they conduct original research, whether they are able to communicate their research to people in other fields in an easy-to-understand manner, and whether they are willing to collaborate with people in other fields.


Awardee: Akari Inagaki, Research Fellow, Graduate School of Science, Kobe University

Title of Presentation: Research on Microwave Mammography Imaging

The Hyperdisciplinary Conference is a place where participants from different fields and industries can collaborate across boundaries and create opportunities to work on new research themes. We will promote new projects that emerge from this conference, and based on the results of these projects, we will create a chain of research that will lead to new fusions of different fields in the coming year.

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