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120 participants! Mashida Forum 2020 of the Association of Hyperdisciplinarity was held.


(Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; Group CEO: Yukihiro Maru) hosted the Super Interdisciplinary Society Masuda Forum 2020 in Masuda, Shimane Prefecture, on November 3, 2020 (national holiday).

Since 2018, RIVANES has been promoting a new research project involving researchers from inside and outside the prefecture and enthusiastic local residents with the aim of solving issues in the Masuda area and, by extension, the Japanese region.

The theme of the third annual Masuda Forum 2020 is "Marine Debris Reduction Using Drones," which was born out of discussions at the 2019 conference,Drone Create Co.of Mashida, Japan, gave the keynote speech and talked about the initiatives that were born out of their meeting at the Super Interdisciplinary Society of Japan. In the sessions, the speakers discussed the future they are aiming for in the city of Masuda, adding drones to the agri- and health-tech fields that have been developed since the first conference.

Program Contents

13:00 Opening Remarks
13:10 keynote speech
13:30 Session 1: Agribusiness where Local Resources Circulate
14:30 Session 2: Marine Debris Reduction Strategies Using Drones
15:30 Poster Session
16:30 Session 3: Creating Healthy People and Towns - Masuda Health Tech Project
17:30 Awards Ceremony and Closing

The Forum was conducted.

(Opening remarks by Mr. Maru of our company)

(Keynote Speech: Mr. Matsumoto, Drone Create Inc.)

(Session 1: Agribusiness where local resources circulate)

(Session 2: Marine Debris Reduction Strategies Using Drones)

(Session 3: Creating Healthy People and Towns - Masuda Health Tech Project)

In the poster session, researchers from Shimane University and other academia, as well as local companies, presented abstracts and explored possibilities for collaboration with venture companies and large corporations.




(Poster Session)

Three years after the initiative began in Masuda City, the project that was launched is steadily taking shape.
Field demonstrations can be conducted using grazing cattle.Masuda Demonstration FarmThe company aims to build a business model that simultaneously reduces marine debris and achieves business together with the Nippon Foundation, opening of the "Japan Marine Litter Reduction Center (JMRC)".Project narwhalThe team of "Debris WatchersWe will continue to conduct research and development in Masuda City, including the attraction of the "MASUDA CITY" to the city, and produce results that will serve as a model for solving the regional issues facing Japan.

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