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Kochi Prefecture x Association of Hyperdisciplinarity Agri-Tech Forum] Agri-Tech is being implemented in the field / September 16, 2020 (Wed.)

【高知県×超異分野学会 アグリテックフォーラム】現場への実装が進むアグリテック/2020年9月16日(水)

Agritech Case Studies
Agri-tech is being implemented in the field

An Agri-Tech case study introduction, "Agri-Tech being implemented in the field," will be held within the "Kochi Prefecture x Hyperdisciplinary Society of Japan Agri-Tech Forum" to be held on September 16, 2020 (Wednesday) in collaboration with Kochi Prefecture and LIVANES.

Agritech Forum WEB:https://hic.lne.st/conference/kochi-agri/


Kochi Prefecture boasts long hours of sunshine, but is prone to typhoons and rain, making it difficult to cultivate wine grapes due to its high temperature and humidity. In this session, Mr. Nishioka of Kisvin Science, who aims to improve the quality of wine grapes by using sap flow sensors and grafting technology, Mr. Tsuboi of SAgri, who uses satellite data to sense farmland, and Mr. Ohata of Inoue Lime Industry will join the session. Ltd. will discuss the effectiveness of introducing technology in agriculture and approaches to quality improvement, using case studies.

The Forum aims to create highly unique demonstration projects in Kochi's rich natural environment through collaboration between startup companies and researchers with advanced technological seeds and businesses and entrepreneurs in Kochi Prefecture.

We are currently accepting applications for presenters and audience members for the Pitch Session.
The information is available on the convention website (see below).



Agri-tech is being implemented in the field

Date and Time: Wednesday, September 16, 2020, 14:20-15:10
Venue: (Kochi Prefecture venue) Chiyori Machi Terrace, Chiyoterra Hall (Kochi Prefecture venue)2-1-37 Chiyori-cho, Kochi-shi, Kochi)
*Online participation is also available. URL for viewing will be sent to those who have registered.


Kisvin Science Corporation
Director CTO/COO (Inventor)
Kazuhiro Nishioka
He developed a low-cost sap flow sensor that measures the flow rate of sap sucked up by plants from their roots, and founded several ventures at the University of Tokyo to promote the use of the sensor in the agricultural scene. He has been involved in winery management mainly in Yamanashi for the past 15 years, and has also worked as a flying consultant both in Japan and abroad. He is the founder of the online salon "Wine Kaitai Shinsho" with internationally active Japanese winemakers.

SAgri Corporation
Representative Director Global CEO
Shunsuke Tsuboi
While a student at Yokohama National University, he founded UCHU Co. He later founded SAgri Corporation, which utilizes satellite data for agriculture. He was also commissioned by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries (MAFF) to build a system to digitize farmland management that relies on visual inspection and paperwork through satellite data and machine learning. In addition, he is accelerating the business globally and creating new business opportunities in order to realize the current status of farmland and production forecasting in a wide area. The company has received 13 awards in the past.

Inoue Lime Industry Co.
Manager, Breeding Group
Hirofumi Ohata
Born in Shimane Prefecture. After majoring in fruit trees at Kochi University, he worked for a company dealing with irrigation systems. He was mainly involved in the cultivation and management of high-sugar tomatoes. In 2014, he joined Inoue Lime Kogyo Co., Ltd. and was involved in the cultivation of a proprietary tomato variety. He then became involved in the company's wine grape cultivation.


Leave a Nest Co., Ltd.
Director, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Research Center
(Agronome Research Institute, Inc.)
Yosuke Miyauchi

D. (Agronomy), Graduate School of Horticulture, Chiba University. In graduate school, he worked with local researchers in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region to establish high-yield cultivation technology for soybean. At RIVANES, he is involved in research projects based on his experience, and in 2019, he established the Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries Research Center to actively promote cross-sectional research in the field of agriculture. In the same year, he became the president of Agronome Research Institute, Inc. to conduct projects and research on the realization of fully cyclical agriculture for sustainable food production.

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Date and Time: Wednesday, September 16, 2020, 13:00-17:30
(Kochi venue) Chiyori Machi Terrace, Chiyoterra Hall (Kochi venue)2-1-37 Chiyori-cho, Kochi-shi, Kochi)
*Online participation is also available. URL for viewing will be sent to those who have registered.
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