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Announcement of Kochi Prefecture x Academic Society of Transdisciplinary Studies Food Tech Forum / Conference Theme: "Creating the Future of Kochi's Food with Technology

高知県×超異分野学会 フードテックフォーラム開催のお知らせ / 大会テーマ「高知の食の未来をテクノロジーで創る」

LIVERNESS Corporation, in collaboration with Kochi Prefecture, will hold the "Kochi Prefecture x Hyperdisciplinary Society Food Tech Forum" (at Chiyori Machi Terrace Chiyoterra Hall *Online participation is available) on Friday, August 28, 2020, to generate the seeds of new food-related businesses.

As part of the "FY 2020 Kochi Prefecture Human Resource Development Project for New Business Creation," this forum aims to bring startup companies and researchers with advanced technological seeds to Kochi Prefecture and collaborate with businesses and entrepreneurs in Kochi Prefecture to create highly unique demonstration projects using Kochi's rich natural environment as a stage. The goal of the project is to create highly unique demonstration projects in Kochi's rich natural environment.

Under the theme of "Creating the Future of Kochi's Food with Technology," we will invite startup companies, major corporations, and others active in the food tech field from outside the prefecture to participate in a panel discussion with businesses in the prefecture.

In addition, startup companies, researchers, and others will present their ideas for demonstration experiments and businesses that they would like to realize by combining their knowledge, technology, and know-how with the prefecture's resources in a pitch session.
From the ideas presented, with the support of Kochi Prefecture and Rivanes, we aim to take a step forward to an actual demonstration experiment.
We are currently accepting applications for session presenters, so please join us.

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If the number of applicants exceeds 15 companies, speakers will be selected by a screening process. If the theme of the presentation is significantly different from the food tech field, we may decline the presentation.

In view of the recent situation of new coronavirus infection, we kindly ask all audience members and speakers from outside Kochi Prefecture to participate online, and on-site participation at Chiyoterra Hall will be limited to residents in the prefecture.


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Session speakers will be posted on the web as they become available. Please stay tuned.


This forum will be an opportunity to generate the seeds of new businesses in Kochi Prefecture, and to develop demonstrations and discussions in cooperation with businesses and entrepreneurs in Kochi Prefecture.


Kochi Prefecture x Academic societies of super-disciplines
Food Tech Forum


Outline of the event
Date and Time: Friday, August 28, 2020, 13:00-17:30
Place: Chiyori Machi Terrace Chiyoterra Hall (2-1-37 Chiyori-cho, Kochi-shi, Kochi)
*Online participation is also available.
*As a measure against new coronavirus infection, on-site participation is limited to residents of Kochi Prefecture.
Organized by: Kochi Prefecture
Operated by: LIVERNESS Co.
Supported by: Kochi Bank, Shikoku Bank
WEB SITE:https://hic.lne.st/conference/kochi-food/


It depends on the forum

Time Chiyoterra Hall / Online
13:00 [Opening talk]

Opening Ceremony

13:10 [Keynote Speech]

Considering Taste and Health in a Very Different Field (tentative)

Representative Director, Vice President CTO Jyo Inoue

13:20 [Session 1] Panel Discussion

Bringing Local Food Culture to the World

Mr. Akihiko Takemura, President, Kochi Sake Brewers Association
Yanmar Holdings Co. Mr. Yasuharu Hashimoto, General Manager, Produce Department, Food Business Promotion Office
Mr. Kazunari Maeda, President and Representative Director, Agri Holdings Corporation

Shuhei Tsukada, Executive Officer, LIVERNESS Co.

14:10 break
14:20 [Session 2] Foodtech Case Studies

The first step from local to global, visualizing product value

Mr. Hironori Moriyama, Manager, Food Development Section, Kochi Prefectural Industrial Technology Center
Mr. Takatsugu Yamashita, Representative Director and CEO, Betaace, Inc.
Mr. Hidenori Takeshita, President and Representative Director, Toy Medical Co. 

Naoko Matsubara, Executive Officer and CBO, LIVANESS Inc.

15:10 break
15:20 [Pitch]

Pitches by startup companies and researchers

16:00 [Session 3] Panel Discussion

New ways of utilizing local resources created through collaboration among different fields (tentative)

Kazuya Asakura, General Manager, Sixth Industry Promotion Department, Corporate Planning Division, Asahi Shokuhin Co.
Mr. Masahiro Koyama, Representative Director, WELNAS Corporation
Mr. Kengo Suzuki, Executive Officer in charge of R&D, Euglena Co.

Representative Director, Executive Vice President, CTO Jyo Inoue

16:50 [Pitch]

Pitches by startup companies and researchers

17:20 [CLOSING]

Closing Ceremony

17:30 End

The schedule and speakers are subject to change.


◎Accepting applications for same-day attendees <Deadline: 8/27(Thu.) 24:00>
Participation fee: Free
*The number of participants may be limited as a measure against new coronavirus infection.
Target: Companies and entrepreneurs interested in new business development, producers, industrial support organizations, higher education institutions, students, municipalities, etc.
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◎Call for Pitch Speakers
Participation fee: Free
Start-up companies and researchers from outside Kochi Prefecture who are interested in developing new businesses in Kochi Prefecture.
Capacity: 15 companies
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Kochi Prefecture and the Japan Society of Transdisciplinary Research will hold the Agri-Tech Forum!
We will also hold an Agri-Tech Forum on Wednesday, September 16 under the theme of "Creating the Future of Kochi's Agriculture with Technology". Please refer to the following URL for details.

Kochi Prefecture x Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference in Agri-Tech Forum


Inquiries about the Kochi Prefecture x Hyperdisciplinarity Conference
Trustee: Riverness Corporation, Community Development Division Attn: Kishimoto
Phone: 03-5227-4198
Mail:[email protected]