Emulsification of Culture and Technology, building Global Hub the Thai Way
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25th Nov 2023. Time 10:00 - 18:00
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Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University, Floor 2, Building 4アクセス

About HIC Thailand 2023:

Thailand, also known as ‘Land of Smiles' and the ‘Venice of the East', have garnered much interest globally due to its rich culture and rapid development in technology over the last few years. However, even with such rapid development, there were still barriers to overcome, such as traffic congestion, poor air quality and coastal erosion.

Technology advancement often comes with erosion of culture. This was observed from the early 2000s, where, there was a shift in focus from water-based transport to land-based transport. Being a leader in aquaculture industry and blessed with many natural resources, we are inviting researchers and experts in different industries to challenge ourselves to emulsify culture and technology and build a global hub in Thailand.

Calling for participants

In the Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference, researchers, faculty, and students from academia can join the conference physically, and free of charge. For interested participants outside of academia, please contact us. The conference will be conducted in Bangkok, Thailand.

Research Splash Presenters will be given the chance to present about their research to the audience for a full 1 minutes. This will be an exciting opportunity to communicate your work to people of different backgrounds.

Poster Presenters will be given the opportunity to present about their research in a poster form that will be exhibited throughout the duration of the conference. Industrial experts will be walking around the posters and it will be good to get feedbacks on your work and at the same time network with them.


Do join us and we hope to see you in Bangkok! 

  • 25th Nov

25th Nov(土)10:00 - 18:00

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10:00-10:20 Opening ceremony

Research Splash


Poster Session


Lunch Networking


Session 1| Building Global Hub the Thai Way (Keynote)


Session 2| Culture, Innovation, Collaboration: Thailand’s pillars for a contemporary society


Session 3| Unlocking Thailand’s potential: Digitalising Transportation system through integration


Session 4| Beyond the Stars: Unleashing the Potential of Space Technology for a Thriving Planet


Closing remark & Networking

  • Main Hall
Session 1| Building Global Hub the Thai Way (Keynote)
Thailand, being an attractive destination to both tourism and businesses, is rapidly emerging as a global hub. Despite having such great achievements, Thailand is troubled with issues such as aging population, which could limit the development of a global hub.

Dr Joe Inoue the keynote speaker for this year’s HIC will be sharing his expertise on the importance of health-tech and life-tech to combat the aging problem around the world. In this session, we will have members in the panel discussing about some of the barriers Thailand will have to overcome to be more recognised internationally, and to talk about the uniqueness of the Thai global hub in comparison to other countries around the world.


Dr Pichaya Pattanasatayavong, Asst. Professor, VISTEC

Co-founder, CEO & CTO of Cleantech & Beyond, which originated from research conducted in the Electronic Devices and Materials Innovation Laboratory, School of Molecular Science and Engineering, Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science and Technology (VISTEC), Thailand, where he is the laboratory director. Holding a PhD in Solid-State Physics from Imperial College London, Pichaya has more than 15 years of experience in frontier research, specialised in nano-engineering, advanced functional materials, and electronic devices. Passionate about advancing basic research into practical, innovative technology. With deep knowledge in science and effective communication skills linking between the academic world and the commercial enterprises, he works closely with experts from a wide range of backgrounds to develop promising and marketable technologies that would serve real demand.

Dr Keita Ono, Senior VP of Innovation, KX Knowledge Xchange

An accomplished professional with a background in biomedical engineering and a Ph.D., I’ve seamlessly integrated academia, entrepreneurship, and industry. Currently the Senior VP of Innovation at KX Knowledge Xchange, I’ve pioneered ventures like AI-driven Precisionize Co. Ltd., enhancing genomic profiling and cancer diagnostics, and served as CTO of Nordschleife, a tech commercialization firm. As Vice President of Thailand Business Angle Network, I advocate for entrepreneurial education and digital healthcare investment. My past role as full-time professor and the Director at Mahidol University’s INNOGINEER STUDIO underscores my passion for nurturing startups and fostering innovation ecosystems.

Mr Dylan Keota, Co-founder, A2D Ventures

Dylan Keota is a private equity expert, originally from sunny California. Dylan is the co-founder of A2D Ventures, one of SEA’s leading angel investing platforms. He began by creating multiple startups in hospitality and tourism at a Venture Builder and managed one of Thailand’s largest non-corporate backed VCs at ECG Venture Capital (formerly ECG Research), spearheading the company’s expansion onto the global stage.

Dr Yuko Ueno, General Manager, Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. (Moderator)

Dr. Yuko Ueno received her Ph.D in Ocean microbiology-biochemistry and joined Leave a Nest in 2013. She has experience in human resource development especially in entrepreneur education, and frontier business development with MNC. While utilizing her own research experience, she discovers and nurtures deep tech startups in the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines where the Leave a Nest Group is based, and at the same time designs new businesses for Japanese companies in collaboration with the startups. She also has experience in accelerating Japanese deep tech startups enter the Southeast Asian market and Southeast Asian startups to enter the Japanese market, and has been appointed as a Director of Leave a Nest Singapore since December 2022.

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Session 2| Culture, Innovation, Collaboration: Thailand’s pillars for a contemporary society
Facing the global challenges of the Aging Population Megatrend, the world turns to 'age-tech' solutions, with Thailand leading the charge by merging cultural heritage with tech advances. Moving from cultural heritage, we will also be exploring the possibilities in creating a culture to embrace sustainable businesses between Thailand and the world. Join our HIC session to delve into the potential of age-tech innovations and the importance of creating a culture of sustainable business. Our expert panel will explore topics from innovative treatments, to the use of advanced ambient intelligence IoT systems for elderly care, and the creation of a culture to embrace sustainable businesses.


Mr Pattana Lee, CEO & Co-founder, Blue Oak

Pat Lee, with a degree in Neurobiology and Computer Science from UC Berkeley, is a tech entrepreneur aiming to transform aging-at-home and remote monitoring via cutting-edge vibration sensing AI. His journey began with a fall detection wearable venture to safeguard his grandpa. However, facing elder resistance and privacy issues, Pat pivoted, and formed Blue Oak, a deep tech company that utilizes structural vibration to detect falls and prescreen for pathologies. Concurrently, he co-founded Melon Medical to address the gap in residential healthcare needs. Additionally, as a seasoned executive in the hospitality industry, he is skilled in service design, operations, and business development. He is always open for collaborations.

Dr Thaksaorn Srisangkhajorn, CEO and Co-founder of Bencha Arokaya Thai Traditional Medicine Clinic

Doctor Thaksaorn is a Thai traditional medicine doctor and a pharmacist (TM.MD, TM.PH). She is currently a CEO and Co-founder of Bencha Arokaya Thai Traditional Medicine Clinic, the center of personalized medication. Her passion is to be a main personalized treatment to improve patient’s better quality of life with the art of ease. Her various background experience and her interest across industries shape her to lead new solutions. This also inspire her to become a researcher, lecturer, guest speaker, mentor, author and co-author, administrative and board committees.

Dr Christopher Aurand, Open Innovation Leader, Thai Union Group PLC

In his role as Open Innovation Leader, Chris is focused on executing Thai Union’s open innovation strategy, working collaboratively with internal stakeholders to drive external collaboration. He is responsible for building the long-term strategy SPACE-F, Thailand’s first food tech incubator and accelerator. SPACE-F is a partnership between Thai Union, ThaiBev, Lotte Fine Chemicals, Mahidol University and The National Innovation Agency of Thailand, established to build Thailand as a leading Foodtech startup hub. In addition, he is part of Thai Union’s Corporate Venture Capital team.

Dr Kihoko Tokue, Managing Director, Leave a Nest Singapore (Moderator)

Dr. Tokue is Managing Director of Leave a Nest Singapore, and Founder of Leave a Nest Malaysia. She was born in Tokyo but raised in Southeast Asia, studied bachelor degree in America and then moved to Australia for Master and PhD degree carrying out field work. Currently she is creating platform in ASEAN to nurture the next generation innovators, startups involving business development partners from industry. Her dream is to one day bring a change to a world with advancement of science and technology with true understanding and appreciation for nature.

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Session 3| Unlocking Thailand’s potential: Digitalising Transportation system through integration
Having a good transport system is important to build towards a Global Hub. However, Thailand is often faced with traffic congestion issues which can discourage foreign investors in setting up their operations here. In this session, we will be looking at other avenues that Thailand can develop, such as leveraging on their natural resources, to overcome this issue.


Dr Nithi Atthi, CEO, FleXARs

Dr. Nithi Atthi received his bachelor’s degree in Materials Engineering and master’s degree in Engineering Management from Kasetsart University (Thailand) in 2004 and 2008, respectively. He received his master’s degree and Ph.D. in Electronics and Applied Physics from the Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan) in 2016. He has authored and co-authored 45 technical journal publications, given a talk on his research at more than 122 academic conferences, and filed 27 domestic and international patents. In 2022, he was appointed a Fab services manager at the Thai Microelectronics Center (TMEC), Thailand. His research focuses on Si-based CMOS and MEMS process technology, silicon photonic devices, microfluidic devices, and anti-fouling surfaces for various applications.

Mr Yutaka Nomura, Corporate Advisor, Air Business Club

Mr Yukata Noruma is a veteran in logistics. With a career in Canon spanning 34 years and now serving as the Corporate Advisor to Air Business Club. With Cannon, he had worked in The Netherlands, Thailand and the United States of America, setting up overseas factories and rebuilding North America’s logistics network. He was engaged in selecting and establishing manufacturing companies for production preparation in Malaysia, UK, Philippines, and Brazil. 

He currently serves as a Member of the Management Innovation Committee, the Global Logistics Innovation Subcommittee, Director at MF Logi-Solutions Co. Ltd., Visiting Researcher at Meiji University, BCP/SCM Research Institute and Visiting Professor, Nippon Institute of Technology Graduate School of Technology Management.

Dr Win Trivitayanurak, Lecturer, Chulalongkorn University

Dr. Win Trivitayanurak graduated from Chulalongkorn University, Faculty of Engineering, majoring in Environmental Engineering.  He pursued higher education at Carnegie Mellon University under the Royal Thai Government Scholarship. After graduating with a Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from CMU, Dr. Win worked at the Department of Highways, Ministry of Transports, for ten years. There he worked on overseeing Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) reports and environmental monitoring. Despite the main expertise in particulate matter and air modelling, Dr. Win is also passionate about ecologically friendly infrastructure. Presently he is a lecturer at the Department of Environmental Engineering as well as the Director of The Professor Aroon Sorathesn Center of Excellence in Environmental Engineering, Chulalongkorn University.

Mr Shohei Maekawa, Director, Leave a Nest Singapore Pte. Ltd.

He was born in the USA and raised in Europe. He studied Zoology for his undergraduate degree and Evolutionary Anthropology for his postgraduate degree, both at University College London. With experience aboard and passion towards advancement of science and technology, he joined Leave a Nest in 2013. Currently president of Leave a Nest United Kingdom and Director of Global Bridge Laboratory of Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. He became Director of Leave a Nest Singapore Pte. Ltd. from May 1st 2019 with the vision to interconnect various industry partners for global development.

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Session 4| Beyond the Stars: Unleashing the Potential of Space Technology for a Thriving Planet
In this session, we will be discussing more about the future development in Thailand. Interest in the space economy have led to programs such as ‘Space Economy: Lifting off 2022’ and the national space master plan 2023-2037. This will be an interesting session to discuss about the challenges Thailand have to overcome to be a global hub in space. 


Dr Tatpong Tulyananda, Researcher, Lecturer, Mahidol University

Tatpong Tulyananda started his journey in Space Biology area in 2017. After graduation from Virginia Tech, he accepted an appointment at Faculty of Science, Mahidol University. He later established “Plant Biology & Astrobotany Laboratory” when he received an opportunity to join GISTDA’s National Space Exploration program (NSE) in 2018. His primary goal is to utilize Thailand’s advantages in plant bioresource for space application. In 2019 he received HyperGES fellowship funded by European Space Agency (ESA) and United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) for gravitational biology research at ESA. While preparing for HyperGES, he teamed up with NSTDA and JAXA to accelerate Thai space education under Asian Herb in Space program (AHiS mission I). In 2021 his laboratory received Golden Shower seeds back from KIBO module, International Space Station (ISS) for research under AHiS mission II.

Mr Chanapol Tantakosol, CEO & Co-founder, MUU

Chanapol is the CEO and co-founder of MUU, a food biotechnology firm committed to creating a better and more sustainable food production system. He holds a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering with First-Class Honors from Chulalongkorn University, and he brings a rich background as a process engineer and entrepreneur. With a deep passion for food and sustainability, Chanapol established MUU to spearhead the development of precision fermentation technology for dairy proteins with the goal of revolutionising the food industry and transforming the way we produce dairy.

Mr Amir Fuhaira bin Ishak, Biotechnologist, Euglena Malaysia

Amir  Fuhaira  Ishak  is  a  dedicated  biotechnologist,  holding  a  Bachelor’s  degree  in  Plant Biotechnology from the university of Nottingham Malaysia Campus and a Master’s degree in Bioprocess engineering (Microbial) from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. With 6 years of specialised experience in microalgae research and development, he has become an expert in various cultivation systems, including photobioreactor and open ponds. Amir’s expertise has been honoured through significant role as an Upstream R&D scientist at the renowned King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in Saudi Arabia and at Euglena company where he has made substantial contributions to the advancement of sustainable bioprocessing solutions. His passion for innovation and sustainability continues to drive him towards pioneering research and application in the field of microalgae technology.

Mr Ambrose Chia, Leave a Nest Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Ambrose graduated with a Master degree in Technopreneurship and Innovation from Nanyang Technological University. He holds a Bachelor degree in Human Factors in Safety from Singapore University of Social Sciences. He is passionate about community building and ecosystem nurturing. During his master’s degree studies, he was an active member of his program’s student committee, proposing and executing various student-led activities. As a member of Leave a Nest Human Development Division, Ambrose hopes to strengthen the science and deep technology startup ecosystem through partnership with Singapore’s Institutes of Higher Learning.