Re-learning and Adaptability
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27th February 2021, 10:00-17:30 hrs
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If you are startups/academic researchers, please join us to share your info to solve the problems in Singapore and areas surrounding Southeast Asia. Japanese corporations, startups, and academic researchers will gather. A rare opportunities to meet up with above diversity.

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“Re-learning and Adaptability”

Current critical issues

If you think about world issues today, climate change, lack of clean water, poverty, or healthcare might come up at the top of your head. Singapore and its neighboring countries in the Southeast Asia region has their own unique challenges and issues to solve with the world. Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference Singapore 2021 (HIC SG 2021) will bring together various stakeholders to discuss on the issues and possible solutions through re-learning and adaptability.






Bringing interdisciplinary experts to blend ideas to bring solutions

At HIC SG 2021, we envision to accelerate “knowledge manufacturing” across discipline to solve deep issues in Southeast Asia and the world. We would like to challenge this by bringing corporates, researchers, and startups together to discuss from the viewpoints on evolution of decentralised economy in Southeast Asia, updating new business creation style & PoC collaboration without physical meeting in COVID era.

Open discussions and open collaborations

Unique to HIC SG 2021, we hope to build an ecosystem to foster active discussions and open collaborations that can bring about more awareness for the issues, research collaboration, and business idea creation through hybridisation of offline and online contents.

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  • 27th February 2021

27th February 2021(土)10:00 - 17:30


Time Program
10:00-10:15 Opening for Technology Splash
10:15-10:55 Technology Splash 1
10:55-11:00 Break
11:00-12:00 Technology Splash 2
12:00-12:30 Lunch break / networking time
12:30-13:00 Opening Ceremony 
13:00-13:55 Session 1:
Building de-centralized economy with Southeast Asian Style
13:55-14:00 Break
14:00-14:55 Session 2:

Food Technology Session:Unleashing the potential of food to design healthy living

14:55-15:00 Break
15:00-15:55 Session 3:
How can we proceed international PoC project without Face to Face meeting – Novel way of Japanese MNC thinking in COVID-19 era
15:55-16:00 Break
16:00-16:55 Session 4:
Solving Global Issues with project design
17:00-17:30 Closing Ceremony


13:00 hrs - 13:55 hrs
Building de-centralized economy with Southeast Asian Style
In this session, we will have all panelists share their point of view on how their business can be a part of a decentralised economy. We purposely gathered players from different industries to talk about the common theme of decentralisation and how it can change our daily lives. Another hope is to bring interdisciplinary players to bring in their expertise to elevate the service to the next level. We have Mr. Richard Ker, Aerodyne group as a moderator with 3 panelists from interdisciplinary fields. We try to dissect the topic from Food and Beverage, Energy and logistics.
14:00 hrs - 14:55 hrs
Unleashing the potential of food to design healthy living with science & technology
In Japan we have a saying, 医食同源, which means healthy diet can maintain healthy life. In this session we want to approach healthy food and living with Science & Technology advancement. Original business being pharmaceutical, it is interesting to see how Rohto now has agriculture and food related projects. We have invited panelists from Nanyang Technological University and from a food tech startup. Through discussion we want to be able to create a new project combining the strength from panelists. Join the session to take additional step towards healthy living.
15:00 hrs - 15:55 hrs
How can we proceed international PoC project without Face to Face meeting – Novel way of Japanese MNC thinking in COVID-19 era
Asian culture has a long history of setting up face to face meetings to initiate new projects, maybe to create a reliable atmosphere for each other, especially for international ones. However, COVID-19, of course, makes it really difficult. In 2020-2021, Mitsubishi Electric has started new international PoC projects with ASEAN startups. How can this be possible without face to face meeting?
In this session, not only can you learn some secret ingredients for a multinational company (MNC) to shake hands with startups during COVID-19 era, but also the perspectives from startups' side collaborated with MNC. Some actual episodes to describe UP and DOWN during the PoC activities might be covered by panelists.
16:00 hrs - 16:55 hrs
In this session we will first have Dr. Anjali share on possible applications of nano-cellulose from Mitsui Chemicals as tone setting presentation. This presentation will be followed by 3 panelists brief introduction on their expertise. By bringing in industry, innovation catalyst with good understanding of available technologies and ecosystem builders for deep tech, we hope to mix and create new ideas for application to bring solution in to the society. We will try to design the project through short discussion session.
17:00 hrs - 17:30 hrs
Closing Ceremony