Solving global urban challenges
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16th Feb 2019 Time 9am - 5.30pm
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Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centreアクセス

Many major cities in first world countries face similar concerns: rapid urbanisation, changing population demographics with low birth rates and a rising aging populace and the wastage of food and water amongst others. These challenges are not unique to the country of Singapore and extends to other developed countries like Japan, South Korea and China.

Singapore in the recent years has started to embrace a new government initiated movement by the name of “Smart Nation” – a purposeful push towards a cashless and technologically embracing country. This movement seeks to utilize next generational technologies to transform Singapore into a city that integrates the use of big data and information technology for everyday use.

HIC Singapore 2019 will be bringing in key industrial leaders and researchers from all over Singapore to share their wealth of knowledge and expertise in solving some of the global urban challenges that many first world countries face. Some of the key issues that will be talked about includes next generational functional foods to solve health problems, cheaper and more efficient ways to produce drinkable water, ways to transform big data for intelligent use and smart home care for the elderly. This conference will be a key step to develop insights and business contacts to solve different global urban challenges that different countries face.

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Big data, artificial technology, next generation food and water technology, smart home technology

09:00-9:05 Welcome remarks

Part 1
09:05-10:00 Water, Environment and Energy     Dr. Darren Sun

10:05-11:00 Healthcare, AI, Big Data          Dr. Mornin Feng
11:00-11:55 Food, Agri and Biotechnology         Mr. Alan Phua

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Part 2
13:00-13:50 Mitsui Chemicals program
14:00-14:50 TECH PUSH program sharing (powered by Mitsubishi Electric)

Part 3
15:00-16:30 What can Hyper Interdisciplinary hybridization can bring to the society?
Discussion between investors and startups from both Singapore and Japan

16:30-16:40 Closing remarks

16:45-17:30 Networking time


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