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16th Jan 2021 Time: 10:00-17:00 MY Time
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The world of research has evolved with the growing number of publications. However, the knowledge that we can use from there is not catching up. To overcome this, Leave a Nest created a platform called ‘Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference’ in 2012 in Japan to exchange and develop research findings into a new state-of-the-art project. Since then, it has evolved to become a unique conference where corporations, startups, researchers and students from different fields gather together to create and integrate novel body of knowledge that can be used for the society.

Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference in Malaysia 2021 will carry the theme of ‘OFF-GRID Innovation’ where we will bring together leading academic scientists, researchers, corporations, and government agencies  to discuss the potential technologies and solutions to solve issues in society such as energy management, waste management, Drone Economy and ASEAN Healthcare. Through the discussion, we hope to propose good solutions towards creating a smart community, smart City and hopefully a smart nation.


Leave a Nest Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. Person in charge: Abdul Hakim Bin Sahidi
Email:[email protected]

  • 16th Jan

16th Jan(土)10:00 - 17:00 MY TIME

10:00-10:30 Opening Ceremony

Keynote 1:  “Cyberjaya, From Intelligent City Planning to a Smart City”
By: Ms. Athirah Tan Abdullah,
Manager, Innovation & Industry Development, Technology Hub Development Division Cyberview Sdn. Bhd.

Keynote 2: “Off-Grid Innovation in Palm Oil Industry”
By: YBhg. Prof. Dato’ Dr. Mohd Ali Hassan,
Head, Biorefinery Complex, Universiti Putra Malaysia

10:30-11:00 Tech Splash 
11:00-11:50 Looop Sponsored Session: “Future Proof Green Energy in Malaysia”
11:50-12:00 Break
12:00-12:30 Tech Splash 
13:00-14:00 Lunch Break

ROHTO Sponsored TeaCHAT Session : “How Collaborative Lab Contributes to ASEAN Healthcare”

14:50-15:00 Break
15:00-15:50 Waste Management Session: “Circular Waste Management Towards a Sustainable Community”
15:50-16:00 Break
16:00-16:50 Aerodyne Special session : “Drone Economy and Its Impact on Society”
16:50-17:00 Closing Remarks
Keynote 1:  “Cyberjaya, From Intelligent City Planning to a Smart City”
Talking about Smart City in Malaysia, most people will think about Cyberjaya where previous Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir launched back in 1997 for the city to be the cybercity of the country and drive the nation into Information Age. Moving forward after 24 years since the ground breaking, Cyberjaya has reached the milestone where it has the right scale and mass, and most importantly, the proven track record in supporting local and international companies to grow and prosper. The city also have been go through multiple changes of direction and mandate according to each governments changes. In this session, we will hear the experience from Cyberview, the City Manager that has given the authority to develop Cyberjaya not only as a smart city but to become the Global Technology Hub.


Ms. Athirah Tan Abdullah,
Manager, Innovation & Industry Development, Technology Hub Development Division,
Cyberview Sdn. Bhd.

Athirah Tan Abdullah​ joined Cyberview in 2014 . She works closely with the ecosystem, and is instrumental to the Cyberjaya Global Technology Hub blueprint, it’s launch and implementation. She is involved in project management, strategising, facilitation and engagements with ministries, government departments, regulators, agencies, project owners and startups in various Living Lab Pilots, media launches, city-data hackathons, industry working groups and government advisory panels of Smart City for Cyberjaya. She is a communications specialist with over 22 years with work experience in consumer & multimedia consumer bureau, multinational companies of major economic sectors including retail, services and property. She is also ABE and Prince2 certified.

Keynote 2: “Off-Grid Innovation in Palm Oil Industry”
Palm Oil was introduce to Malaysia and becoming one of Primer Industry that act as the backbone of Malaysian's economic. Today, 5.9 million hectares of land in Malaysia is under oil palm cultivation. Malaysia is one the largest producers and exporters of palm oil in the world. The industry provides employment to more than half a million people and livelihood to an estimated one million people. With such a big contribution of Palm Oil towards the nation, All the key stakeholders must ensure that the sustainability of the industry can be achieved and reducing the bad impact of the industry especially to environment. In this keynote, Prof. Dato' Dr. Ali Hassan, as one of leading researchers in Palm oil industry will share examples of innovations that being developed related to Palm Oil indystry to create what we call as circular economic of the Palm Oil Industry and sustainability of the environment.


YBhg. Prof. Dato’ Dr. Mohd Ali Hassan,
Head, Biorefinery Complex,
Universiti Putra Malaysia

Prof Dato’ Ali joined UPM in 1980. He has more than 30 years of teaching and research experience. He is an elected member of the UPM Senate, and currently serves as Board Member UPM. Prof Dato’ Ali has worked extensively on international biomass, bioenergy and zero-emission projects throughout his career. He managed to set up the Serdang Biomass Town and Biorefinery in UPM campus, since 2012. He led the international SATREPS project on biomass and zero emission project at the palm oil mill funded by JICA-JST (Japan) and Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia from 2013-2018, with a total funding of Yen 400 Million from Japan and RM3 Million from KPM Malaysia. Currently Prof Dato’ Ali is the Vice President of Asia Federation of Biotechnology, President of Asia Federation of Biotechnology Malaysia Chapter and a Committee Member of Biomass Asia Association.

Looop Sponsored Session: “Future Proof Green Energy in Malaysia”
Overview: Electric power generation in Malaysia significantly depends on three major fossil fuel sources, namely coal, natural gas and fuel-oil. These fossil fuel based power generation causes negative environmental consequences and depletion of fuel reserves. Malaysia has set to achieve the status of a developed country by 2020 through achieving sustainable development. To this end, Malaysia is on a need for sustainable energy, which is the main pillar of sustainable development.This sub theme will discuss the potential of Green or Renewable Energy implementation in Malaysia and how far these green energy is practical to be implemented in Malaysia.


Ts. En. Hazril Izan Bahari
Director of Digital Services Division,
Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA)

Hazril Izan is the Director of Digital Services in Sustainable Energy Development Authority Malaysia. He has 18 years of experience in ICT services on data centers and networks. In sustainable energy, he was involved in developing the first green data center for the government in Malaysia for the Ministry of Energy and Online Feed-in Tariff system for SEDA Malaysia. As a Digital Services Director, he is responsible to manage and advance the ICT technology in SEDA Malaysia and actively participating to develop ICT innovation relating to sustainable energy.  He has completed a pilot project of peer to peer energy trading in Malaysia under the Regulatory Sandbox to look at the technical feasibility.

Mr. Ong Chin Wei
General Manager,
Looop Energy Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. 

Graduated from Nagasaki Institute of Applied Science on year of 2003. After returned from graduation, he involved in semiconductor industry as wafer dicing and singulation equipment engineer. He was appointed as Factory Manager for one of the largest semiconductor tester makers factory in Penang. With the plentiful experience in semiconductor industry, he joined Panasonic Energy Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. to establish sales & marketing function to promote HIT Solar PV Module. Currently, as General Manager of Looop Energy Malaysia Sdn Bhd, he is plying a very important role not only to penetrate the Looop brand solution into Malaysia market and also looking for genuine business partner to develop and invest in a new future green technology solution. 

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jeyraj a/l Selvaraj,
Deputy Director,
University of Malaya Power Energy Dedicated Advanced Centre (UMPEDAC), University of Malaya

     Jeyraj Selvaraj received the B.Eng. (Hons.) degree from Multimedia University, Malaysia, in 2002, the M.Sc. degree in power electronics and drives jointly from the University of Birmingham, Birmingham, U.K., and the University of Nottingham, Nottingham, U.K., in 2004, and the Ph.D. degree from the University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in 2009. He is currently an associate professor and deputy director of University Malaya Power Energy Dedicated Advanced Centre (UMPEDAC), University of Malaya. He has involved in the field of solar energy for 15 years.  He has done more than 75 onsite inverter test under the FiT, LSS and NEM scheme in Malaysia. He is also a member of IEEE, IEM and a member of working group committee on Photovoltaic Standards of Department of Standards Malaysia. He is one of the recipient of NAM research training fellowship for young scientist and Royal Academy Engineering UK’s Leaders in Innovation Fellowship in 2016 and 2017 respectively. In 2019 he was awarded the Erasmus+ Mobility Programme Fellowship followed by Asian Universities Alliance Scholarship in 2020


Waste Management Session: "Circular Waste Management Towards a Sustainable Community"
Overview: With the increase of population of the world, one of the big issues raised is related to waste. For years, we have been producing hazardous and harmful waste that give bad impact to the environment. This sub theme will discuss the solutions to waste management of a community. Is there any ways to reduce plastic waste and landfill effectively ? How we can propose a better waste management system for the community and how we can create a circular economy for waste.


Dr. Yasmin Rasyid
Founder &  President
Ecoknights (NGO)

Dr. Yasmin Rasyid is a biologist by profession, environmentalist by passion. She founded a Malaysian non profit community organization called EcoKnights in 2005 with the aim of promoting sustainable living through advocacy, community skills and awareness development programs, scientific research with research institutions, and strategic stakeholder engagements. She also has experiences in social entrepreneurship development and has worked with government agencies and corporate organizations in policy development and community mobilization in sustainable economic development. She also has published works in journals centered on sustainable community development.

Dr. S Sri Umeswara
Chief Executive Officer,
Era Suria Ecopreneurs Sdn. Bhd.

Dr. S.Sri Umeswara is the founder & CEO of ESECO – Circular Economy Experts. He holds a Master of Science in Waste Management & Environmental Management, and a PhD in Energy and Environment. He is a Malaysian Delegate and Subject Matter Expert at UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) Expert Group on Marine Litter and Microplastics. He had received a certificate of appreciation from the Mayor of Petaling Jaya, for his efforts in cultivating 3Rs communities and promoting ‘Circular Economy’ via its IoT system and mobile application ‘MyReturns’ among the residents of Petaling Jaya in 2019. In his many articles, and presentations at local and international conferences, and media appearances, Dr. S.Sri Umeswara shares his expertise on waste management, circular economy and sustainable living.

Dr. Fazlena Hamzah
Principle Researcher & Senior Lecturer
Universiti Teknologi Mara

Dr Fazlena Hamzah, Senior Lecturer from Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Universiti Teknologi MARA (FKK UiTM) Shah Alam. Has been working with FKK UiTM since 2010 and appointed as a leader of Research Interest Group in Biocatalysis and Biobased Material Technology.   The research group is focusing on the utilization and transforming of waste material into value added product. Some current research developments within the group are: 1) The development of plastic and pollazonic pavement, 2) Reutilization of waste carbon from carbide industry for gas capture and 3) Transforming used cooking oil into valuable product. The group also continuously engaged with university communities by providing seminars and trainings to create awareness on reutilizing of solid waste material.

ROHTO Sponsored TeaCHAT Session: “How Collaborative Lab Contributes to ASEAN Healthcare”
Overview: Healthcare was the main highlighted Issues in 2020 where Covid-19 struck almost all countries in the world including Southeast Asian countries . 2021 will be the year of recovery from the pandemic and also to revive back the economic. From this discussion, we will discuss how each parties from researchers, startups, corporations in Healthcare sectors can work collaboratively in doing R&D to find the best solutions for healthcare issues in ASEAN through a Collaborative Lab.


Dr. Adeline Syin Lian Yeo,
Research Scientist, Basic Research & Development Division, ROHTO Pharmaceuticals Co.,Ltd.

Malaysian citizen who obtained PhD in Nara Institute of Science & Technology and was directly recruited to join Rohto, a multinational corporation and one of the top pharmaceutical company in Japan with renowned consumer products.  Specialized in the field of Microbial Molecular Genetics (PhD) and Immunology (M. Med. Sc). Possess experience in projects related to pharmacological control and drug development. With the support from Rohto, pursuing various business domain and making connections for the betterment of health care and well-being

Dr. Yoshiko Abe
Executive Director, Business Development,
MiCAN Technologies Inc.

MiCAN’s mission is “To contribute to the health of people throughout the world through provision of special blood cells produced using regenerative medicine technology”. Our homogeneous and high precision human blood cell-products for the evaluation of efficacy and safety of drugs and functional materials. I work for business development division to make a big valuable health of people via MiCAN’s cells.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Siti Hamidah Mohd. Setapar
Managing Director, SHE Empire Sdn. Bhd.

A founder of Naturel Kiss, a leading innovative based cosmetic brand in Malaysia. Naturel Kiss has commercialized several cosmetic products, empowered by sustainable Malaysian local plant sources and efficacy advanced by nanotechnological approach. Dr. Siti is currently engaging with Malaysian small medium enterprises (SMEs) wellness companies to help them assessed with high quality cosmetic formulation in order to emerge Malaysia with high value and effective products. Dr. Siti expertise in chemical engineering focusing on the fields of plant extraction, micellar nanotechnology and wellness product development which give strong impact towards many entities in innovation stages and reach wider societal segments.

Aerodyne Special Session: Drone Economy and Its Impact On Society
Overview: The idea of package delivery to people living in remote locations or transporting people with drones seemed impossible a few years ago. Many were thinking about the repercussions that could go far beyond transportation. But the new era of drone has arrived. The impact that it will have on society is only limited by our imagination. In this Aerodyne Special Session, panelists will shed light on the true meaning of Drone Economy. They will also share their thoughts on the biggest enabler for Drone Economy to take-off and how it can give immense benefit to the society.


Mr. Kamarulazman Bin Muhamed
Founder & CEO, Aerodyne Group

Mr. Kamarul is the Founder and CEO of Aerodyne Group, a Malaysian drone solutions company that is ranked second in the world by Drone Industry Insights of Germany. He was also named by Nikkei Japan as the CEO of top 10 hottest start-up of 2019. Mr. Kamarul led Aerodyne from a 3 person start-up in 2014 to global company operating in 35 countries in less than 5 years. He is a TEDx speaker and a drone Industry thought-leader and have presented his ideas and innovation on AI, drones and Industry 4.0 around the world. He is an auditor by training and spent his formative years in the city of London before switching career to tech industry upon his return to Malaysia after spending 10 years in the UK. An avid traveller, he has been to more than 100 countries, both for business and pleasure.

Mr. Satoshi Washiya
President, COO & Board Director (Representative Director),
Autonomous Control Systems Laboratory (ACSL)

Mr. Satoshi Washiya holds an M.S. of Architecture from Graduate School of Creative Science and Engineering, Waseda University, Japan. He has served both domestic and multinational companies in corporate wide transformation project at Tokyo, Japan and Stockholm, Sweden office of McKinsey & Company. He joined ACSL in July 2016

Mr. Wan Mohd. Farhan Bin Wan Mohd. Fuaad
Manager, DroneTech & 4IR Ecosystem,
Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC)

Mr. Wan Farhan is a Digital Economy & Startup Evangelist with management consulting experience in  delivering Digital Transformation projects across various industries. With his technical and entrepreneurship background, he advises startup companies in business strategy, market insights, funding, corporate collaboration & government relation. At Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), he currently leads the DroneTech & 4IR Ecosystem Development with the support of ecosystem partners to realise the USD384mil local market potential by 2025. The initiative aims to catalyze the growth of DroneTech companies, accelerating IR4.0 technology adoption and positioning Malaysia as the DroneTech Epicenter and Launchpad to the ASEAN market.