How can technology overcome Deep Issues in India
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November 27th, 2019、10:00am - 18:00pm
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The Grand New Delhi,Vasant Kunjアクセス

If you are startups/academic researchers, please join us to share your info to solve the problems in India, Japanese and Indian VCs, big corporations, startups, and academic researchers will gather. Really rare opportunities to meetup with above diversity.

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“How can technology overcome Deep Issues in India”

Focusing onto three deep issues in India; such as water pollution, Air pollution and healthcare. We believe that if technology from Japan implemented to Indian society, these problems will be solved. In this HIC event, we are trying to 1)grasp deep issues in India, 2) introduce Japanese technology (Big corp ones and startups) that can potentially solve 1) , and 3) thinking about the way how Japanese tech to be used by Indian startups.



  • 10:00~   Opening Talk and Key note Speech
    • Keynote Speech presented by Dr. Lekh Juneja
      • Rohto Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.
      • Executive Vice President, Global Head of International Business, R&D, and Chief Health Officer (CHO)
    • 10:45~   Startup / Researchers Pitch

Engineering solution
– Triblade Technologies
– Skyroot

– Osure Care
– Psychology World
– Cellagility

Agri and Food
– Sagri
– AcPlanta
– No food Waste

    • 11:45~   Lunch Networking
    • 13:00~   Panel Session 1Water Pollution
      • Theme: How  can we solve water pollution in India, What is the issues in India?
      • Panelists
        • Mr. Cibi Chandran (Arc Ventures)
        • Mr. Sudesh Menon (Waterlife)
      • The moderator: Dr. Ryuta Takeda (Leave a Nest)
    • 14:00~ Panel Session 2Air Pollution

      • ThemeHow  can we solve air pollution in India, power of engineering
      • Panelists
        • Mr. Norihiko Sugitani (Ebara)
        • Dr. Alan She (Singapore Heavy Engineering)
        • Mr. S.N.Tripathi (Dept.of Earth Sciences IIT, Kanpur)
      • The moderator: Mr. Michael Maekawa (Leave a Nest Singapore)
    • 15:00~ ArcNest Press Conference and Special Presentation
      • Press Conference for ArcNest Launch
      • Special Presentation by Dr. Kengo Suzuki from euglena
    • 16:00~ Panel Session 3 [Agri, Food & Health Care
      • Panelists
        • Dr. Lekh Juneja (Rohto)
        • Mr. Shunsuke Tsuboi (SAgri)
        • Dr. Deepak Choudhary (National Heart Institute
      • The moderator: Mr. Daiki Kumamoto (Real Tech Fund/germi8)
    • 17:00~ Closing remarks by Mr. Arjun Aggarwal (Arc Ventures)
    • 17:30~ Networking

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