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Boxing out opportunities: Leave a Nest Philippines Ties Collaboration for Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference in Vietnam

Boxing out opportunities: Leave a Nest Philippines Ties Collaboration for Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference in Vietnam

On February 03, 2024, we will be holding the 2nd Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference in Vietnam with the theme, “Challenging the Box: Accentuating Vietnam’s Scientific Ingenuities”, signifying a departure from conventional boundaries with the objective of bringing together individuals and entities spanning academia, government offices, agencies, and corporate partners, our goal is to create a collaborative and diverse network.

By challenging conventional paradigms, we intend to unlock the latent potential within Vietnam's scientific landscape. This departure is more than symbolic; it reflects a proactive commitment to pushing the boundaries of scientific exploration. Anticipated outcomes include the exchange of innovative solutions, the exploration of novel concepts, and the initiation of collaborative endeavors.

Nurturing this event, the conference extends a heartfelt welcome to both local and international partners from Japan and Singapore. Fueled by technological advancements, these partnerships are crucial in addressing urgent local challenges and supporting research and venture building initiatives, particularly vital for the current moment and future endeavors. Our optimism is high that researchers, startups, companies, government representatives, and all conference participants will seize the opportunity to interact with these influential collaborators, igniting meaningful and impactful collaborations during the event.

In our pursuit of fostering collaborative perspectives, we're excited to announce the commitment of several private companies eager to make a positive impact on the local research and innovation landscape at HIC VN 2024.

Focus Systems Corporation



Focus Systems Corporation, founded in April 1, 1977, is an IT related company which is keen in carrying out their corporate slogan “Put Our Heart into Technologies”. Their main business operations revolve around System integration, Information security, and IT services (consulting, development, operations, and maintenance). With their heart to bring happiness, Focus Systems partnered with researchers, startups, and other companies to work on projects in fields outside of IT such as business development, education, and agriculture. As Focus Systems continues to trigger and think together with interdisciplinary teams in Japan, they are also interested in extending their initiatives to other countries, as they see the potential in collaboration between IT and other fields in South East Asia.
Delightex Pte. Ltd

Delightex, Pte. Ltd., is an independent research, venture creation and investment arm of a Japanese fast-moving consumer goods conglomerate that has the mandate to identify and build the next generation business around naturally occurring substances. Armed with an extensive network of collaboration partners and research facilities, Delightex seeks to evaluate novel technologies, build and invest in innovative companies with the capacity to deliver Delightful Moments.
RTHD Singapore, Pte. Ltd.


Real Tech Holdings is a venture capital firm that started from investing in Japanese deep tech startups to solve global issues, until it raised the Global Fund in May 2020 to extend its reach to Southeast Asia. Currently, their wholly-owned Singapore subsidiary, RTHD Singapore, Pte. Ltd., was incorporated last February 2022 and focused on securing investments and growth support for deep tech startups in various technology fields (such as healthcare, food tech, drone, AI, etc.) within Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries.


For more information about the Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference in Vietnam 2024, you may refer to this news release.

Also, there will be an award for the best research presenter for this conference. Come and join us, as we do still have slots for Vietnamese research presenters who would like to present their studies on this second (2nd) HIC in Vietnam 2024! We encourage researchers from all fields, especially those in relation to the conference theme, to sign-up and be one of the researcher conference presenters during the conference, on-site in Ho Chi Minh City! Application and participation as conference presenter is FREE for all involved in the academia. Applications for presenters are extended until January 27, 2024

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