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Toyohashi Forum] Pursuing Comfort in Life and Housing - Space Design in Symbiosis with Microorganisms - / December 17, 2022

【豊橋フォーラム】くらしと住まいの快適さを追求する −微生物との共生でデザインする空間設計−/2022年12月17日

panel discussion

Pursuing Comfort in Life and Housing
-Space design in symbiosis with microorganisms


A panel discussion, "Pursuing Comfort in Living and Housing - Designing Spaces in Harmony with Microorganisms -" (Session Partner|Saara Group) will be held within the Toyohashi Forum 2022 (Saturday, December 17, 2022). The panel discussion will be held on December 17, 2022 (Sat.).


Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference in Toyohashi Forum 2022


The environment that surrounds us is made up of the interaction of various factors such as color, aroma, sound, and temperature. While there is a growing trend toward sterilization and sterile conditions, we will discuss the necessity of maintaining microbial diversity and how it can affect our lives and performance, as well as the design of comfortable spaces and possibilities for the future, with "indoor greening" and "symbiosis with microorganisms" as keywords. The discussion will include the following topics.

We will have a program of discussions among researchers, startups, and large companies from a variety of perspectives, not limited to the themes of this session. For more information,Conference Websitefor more information.

*The event will be held after taking measures against new coronavirus infection on the day of the event.

Pursuing Comfort in Life and Housing
-Space design in symbiosis with microorganisms

Date: Saturday, December 17, 2022, 15:50-16:40
Place: Toyohashi Science Core


Taku Ishikawa
Saara Corporation
SDGs Promotion Group, Corporate Branding Promotion Department and emCAMPUS Management Office

Graduated from the Graduate School of Education and Developmental Sciences, Nagoya University. He was involved in the operation of emCAMPUS STUDIO, a start-up support facility that opened in front of Toyohashi Station in 2021, from the pre-opening planning stage. emCAMPUS STUDIO is engaged in efforts to create value co-creation between universities, start-ups, ventures and local companies. He continues to take on the challenge of creating new value for people's lives and homes at the Saara Group.

Kohei Ito
Representative Director, BIOTA Corporation

Representative Director of BIOTA Co. He has been studying the microbiome (a collection of microorganisms) since his high school days, and engaged in research using bioinformatics (information life science) for urban and built environments at the Institute for Advanced Biosciences at Keio University. After graduation, he established BIOTA Inc. and has been engaged in the business of "urban design to enhance microbial diversity.

Taeko Kasuya
General Manager, New Business Division, Planet Inc.

Joined Planet Group in 2000, and has been in charge of many clients by proposing green services such as web production and CAD production, etc. He is also involved in the management of a green business association. As of 2022, he is in charge of Planet's new business. Currently, he is in charge of Pla-Net's new business, and is engaged in educational activities focusing on business support and new business development for newcomers to green business.

Toshihiro Ishizawa
General Manager, Strategic Development Division, Riverness, Inc.

D. (Life Sciences) from the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo. After an internship period of about 3 years while studying for his doctorate, he joined LIVERNESS Corporation in 2008. After serving as the Director of the Osaka Office and the General Manager of the Strategic Development Division, he became the General Manager of the Regional Development Division in 2017. He is building a regional ecosystem to create R&D-oriented ventures that will spread their wings to the world from research institutes in various regions by introducing the concept of "Tech Planter".


Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference in Toyohashi Forum 2022