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Yamagata Forum] Special Program: From Shonai to the World, What is the New Sophisticated Agribusiness? 〜Fusion of Tradition, Specialty Products and Advanced Research

【山形フォーラム】特別企画:庄内から世界へ、新しいアグリビジネスの高度化とは? 〜伝統 × 特産 × 先端研究の融合〜


Special project
From Shonai to the world, what is the new sophistication of agribusiness?

〜Fusion of Tradition × Specialty Products × Advanced Research

A special program, "From Shonai to the World, What is the new sophistication of agribusiness? 〜(Partner: Shonai Agribusiness Research Association) will be held within the Yamagata Forum 2022 (Saturday, August 20, 2022).

Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference in Yamagata Forum 2022


The Shonai Agribusiness Research Group, launched in 2021, aims to create demonstration themes that lead to new products, services, and industries in collaboration with researchers and ventures outside the region, starting with issues related to local agriculture and livestock farming and local businesses that want to try something new. This year, we will introduce examples of demonstrations between Noen Sadataro Corporation, the lead organizer of the study group, and ventures, and invite several new agri-tech or food-tech ventures to take the stage and present the technologies they possess and specific ideas for collaboration.

The program is not limited to the themes of this session, but includes discussions among researchers, venture companies, and large corporations from a variety of perspectives. For more information, please refer to the forum website.

*The event will be held after taking measures against new coronavirus infection on the day of the event.


From Shonai to the world, what is the new sophistication of agribusiness?
〜Fusion of Tradition × Specialty Products × Advanced Research
Date: Saturday, August 20, 2022, 9:30-15:45
Place: Le Pot Fou Conference Room and Banquet Hall (1-10-20 Saiwai-cho, Sakata City, Yamagata Prefecture)


Mr. Hisamichi Endo
Shonai Agribusiness Research Association, Chief Executive

<Presentations by venture firms

Mr. Yuto Saito
Representative Director, MISOVATION Inc.
Planning, development, and sales of miso soup for complete meals, and provision of preventive medical services through miso soup
WEB SITEhttps://misovation.com/

Mr. Yoshi Sato
Representative Director and CEO, Aqua Solutions, Inc.
Development and sales of small microbubble generators
WEB SITEhttps://ishikawa-saketen.com/

Mr. Ryo Sato
Morus Corporation
Produces and sells protein raw materials for the food, feed, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries using the insect silkworm, and conducts research on silkworm genome editing.
WEB SITEhttps://morus.jp/

Mr. Kazuki Fukuhara
Representative Director, Shoku no Chikara Corporation
Soybean cultivation, soybean meat production and sales, soybean meat prepared foods production, seafood retailing, catering for weddings, funerals, etc., general store operations in restaurants, prepared foods business, sales and product planning.
WEB SITEhttps://www.shokuchika.jp/

Mr. Masahiro Yoritama
Sydecas Corporation
Conducting R&D, product planning, etc. for "NinjaFoods" and other products created from proprietary assimilative and binding dietary fiber paste technology.
WEB SITEhttps://www.sydecas.jp