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The Hokkaido Forum 2021 was held on Saturday, December 4, 2021!

【実施報告】2021年12月4日(土)超異分野学会 北海道フォーラム2021を開催しました!

LIVERNESS hosted the Hokkaido Forum 2021 of the Association of Transdisciplinary Studies on Saturday, December 4, 2021.

The theme of the conference was "Gathering, Connecting, Discussing: Co-Creating Hokkaido for the Future," with a keynote speech by Kazuo Yano, Fellow of Hitachi, Ltd. and CEO of Happiness Planet, Inc. The discussions transcended the boundaries of different fields and industries through the keynote speech by Mr. Kazuo Yano, CEO of HAPPINESS PLANET, Inc. For details of the program of the Hokkaido Forum 2021, please see the following website.this way (direction close to the speaker or towards the speaker)for more information.

Although the number of visitors was restricted due to the new coronavirus infection control measures, 161 people attended the conference, including researchers from academia, venture companies, large corporations, small and medium-sized companies, craftsmen, producers, government ministries and agencies, local governments, and junior and senior high school students.

The Technology Splash Nihon Unisys BIPROGY Award winners were selected by Technology Splash session partner Nihon Unisys, Ltd. from among the 18 Technology Splash speakers that day.

[Technology Splash Nihon Unisys BIPROGY Award (Nihon Unisys, Ltd.)

Awardee: Yuki Sano, Department of Marine Bioscience, Faculty of Biology, Tokai University
Title of presentation: Effects of formula feed on the gastrointestinal tract of fish - tissue morphology, locomotion, and intestinal metabolism

In addition, winners of each award were selected by each partner company and LIVANES from among the poster and booth presenters who presented on the day.

SCSK Hokkaido Award (SCSK Hokkaido Co., Ltd.)

Ms. Yoko Nakajima, Kushiro National College of Technology, Department of Creative Engineering
Presentation Title: Development of a Caregiver Communication Support System Using Text Data

[Focus Systems Award (Focus Systems Inc.)
Awardee: Yuichiro Fujii, A2 Milk Research Team, Japan A2 Milk Association
Presentation title: Do you know what A2 milk is?

Hokkaido Forum Award (Liverness Co., Ltd.)

Prize: Mr. Koji Kamii, Muroran Institute of Technology
Title: Functional Demonstration and Development of a Processing Method for Functional Food Development of Chirimen Aojiso Grown in Shiranui Town

A summary of the sessions that took place on the day of the event is as follows,Hokkaido Forum Web siteYou can view it at

We will report on the partnerships that emerge from this forum on our website and elsewhere. Please keep an eye on our future activities.

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