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The 9th Super Interdisciplinary Conference] My son goes out on a date on a hoverbike and celebrates his anniversary in space -Talking about the world that will be realized in 2050 / March 6, 2020, 16:00- @ Ota-ku, Tokyo.

【第9回超異分野学会】僕の息子はホバーバイクでデートに出かけ、宇宙で記念日を祝う 〜2050年に実現する世界を語り尽くす〜/2020年3月6日16:00〜@大田区
panel discussion
My son celebrates his anniversary in space by going on a date on a hoverbike.
~Talking about the world that will be realized in 2050~.

Within the 9th Annual Conference of the Association of Hyperdisciplinarity, March 6-7, 2020 (Friday and Saturday), hosted by Liverness, a panel discussion entitled "TheMy son goes on dates on a hoverbike and celebrates his anniversary in space - talking about a world that will come true in 2050.The "MARUHAN" will be held in the following location.

The 9th Main Conference of the Association of Hyperdifferent Fields WEB:https://hic.lne.st/conference/hic2020/

 A.L.I. Technologies is developing a hoverbike to be driven on public roads in Japan in 2022; SpaceFoodX is researching and developing a space-based food production system to enable 1,000 people to settle on the moon in 2040; and what was once thought to be a science fiction dream is now a reality! SpaceFoodX has been enthusiastically taking on the challenge of making what has been considered a science fiction dream come true! These adults are trying to create a new reality for their children when they reach their own age. In this session, we will hear their enthusiastic visions together with Mr. Takahashi of WAERU, a company that is engaged in the business of passing on centuries-old traditional techniques to the next generation, and we will discuss the technology, laws, and education necessary for cutting-edge technology to sublimate into tradition and become commonplace, all with an eye toward the year 2050.

We will have a program of discussions among researchers, start-ups, and large companies from a variety of perspectives, not limited to the themes of this session.
Audience members are invited to attend the conference. Please visit the conference website (see below).



My son celebrates his anniversary in space by going on a date on a hoverbike.
~Talking about the world that will be realized in 2050~.
presented by: Monozukuri Research Center

Date: Friday, March 6, 2020, 16:00-17:00
Place: Ota-ku Industrial Plaza PiO (1F-4F, 1-20-20-20 Minami-Kamata, Ota-ku, Tokyo 144-0035, Japan)
Closest Station: Keikyu Kamata



President and Representative Director, A.L.I Technologies, Inc.
Daisuke Katano (Mr. Daisuke)
After working on a wide range of domestic and international projects from manufacturers to food and beverage at Boston Consulting Group and Dream Incubator, he became the representative director of the Japanese subsidiary of one of the largest independent consulting firms in Asia. After promoting overseas expansion projects to Europe, and after more than 10 years of experience in strategic consulting and management support, he was appointed Representative Director and COO of A.L.I. Technologies, Inc. in July 2018, in which he had participated as an angel investor, and was appointed President and Representative Director in March 2019. He graduated from the University of Tokyo with a Bachelor's degree in Engineering.


Producer, J-SPARC, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) / Vice President, Space Food X
Yuta Kikuchi
After completing graduate studies in sports science, he joined JAXA. After completing graduate studies in sports science, he joined JAXA, where he was in charge of business promotion in the rocket division and space education projects through external collaboration. After returning to JAXA, he established the Japan Space Program for Space Innovation Partnership (J-SPARC) and has been involved in co-creation activities with private companies and others. He is the vice president of Space Food X, which aims to create the world's first space food market and achieve the SDGs. His dream is to realize the Lunar Olympics and to be able to watch the event in action himself.


General Manager, Marketing Division, Waeru Co.
Sumire Takahashi
Studied abroad in the UK during college and was impressed by the depth of Japanese culture and history. After working in marketing for human resources business, she joined Waeru Inc. in 2018. She is responsible for a wide range of new business launches and business expansion as a "communicating craftsman," including the marketing of "aeru, a brand of traditions from the age of 0," which creates daily necessities that can be used from birth with artisans across Japan, as well as planning and developing learning-based workshops and initiatives centered on traditions with local governments across the country.



General Manager, Manufacturing Research Center, LIVERNESS Co.
Daigo Fujita
Upon entering Tokyo Institute of Technology, he was involved in the start-up of Miraikan volunteers under Director Mamoru Mohri and founded the Science Event Circle. He participated in the founding period of LIVERNESS and developed nearly 100 educational programs centering on manufacturing, including a space education project utilizing the International Space Station and the establishment of a robotics class for elementary school students. He is currently working not only with children, but also with major companies, venture companies, and local factories to support manufacturing for problem solving.

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Conference theme: A New Era of Knowledge Manufacturing
Date and time of the event:
Friday, March 6, 2020 09:00-18:00 (18:00-20:00 Reception)
Saturday, March 7, 2020 09:00-18:00 (18:00-20:00 Reception)
Organized by: Liverness Co.
Place: Ota-ku Industrial Plaza PiO
Fee: Free for academics and presenters, 113,960 yen (tax included) for companies
Convention URL:https://hic.lne.st/conference/hic2020/


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