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The 9th Meeting of the Association of Hyperdifferent Fields】The 3rd Cellular Agriculture Conference / March 6, 2020, 17:00-@Ota-ku, Tokyo, Japan

panel discussion
3rd Cellular Agriculture Conference
~The Future of the Cultured Meat Market: Cell Culture Technology Opens the Door to the Future

Within the 9th Annual Conference of the Association of Hyperdisciplinarity, March 6-7, 2020 (Friday and Saturday), hosted by Liverness, a panel discussion entitled "The3rd Cellular Agriculture Conference~The Future of the Cultured Meat Market: Cell Culture Technology Opens the Door to the FutureThe "MARUHAN" will be held in the following location.

The 9th Main Conference of the Association of Hyperdifferent Fields WEB:https://hic.lne.st/conference/hic2020/

 Cellular agriculture is a new concept of production in which the cells that make up an organism are cultured outside the organism's body, without raising animals as in the past. Compared to traditional agriculture, cellular agriculture has a smaller environmental impact and is expected to be a sustainable food production method. In addition, the application of cellular agriculture technology has the potential to produce a variety of products in addition to food.
While technological development related to cellular agriculture is accelerating around the world, issues such as guidelines for new entrants, information disclosure and public understanding of the technology, and the creation of rules that address the entire process from production to distribution have emerged that must be resolved if cellular agriculture is to be realized in a manner that benefits society as a whole.
We are holding this conference in the hope that this year will bring another year of layered collaboration to accelerate the development of the new field of cellular agriculture more than ever before.
In this session, we will introduce our efforts in the field of cellular agriculture, including not only cutting-edge research in academia, but also the formation of rules surrounding cellular agriculture and consumer demand perspectives.

We will have a program of discussions among researchers, start-ups, and large companies from a variety of perspectives, not limited to the themes of this session.
Audience members are invited to attend the conference. Please visit the conference website (see below).



The 3rd Cellular Agriculture Conference - Cell Culture Technology Opens the Future of the Cultured Meat Market


Date: Friday, March 6, 2020 5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Place: Ota-ku Industrial Plaza PiO (1F-4F, 1-20-20-20 Minami-Kamata, Ota-ku, Tokyo 144-0035, Japan)
Closest Station: Keikyu Kamata



Growth Manager, Managing Director, Real Tech Fund
Representative of Space Food X
Mizuki Komasa
After completing his graduate studies at Keio University (Bioinformatics) in 2008, he worked for Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation and SMBC Nikko Securities before joining the Real Tech Fund in 2015. In 2019, he founded Space Food X, the world's first space food market co-creation program, together with JAXA, Sigmaxy, and more than 50 other companies. He is the founder and president of Space Food X, the world's first space food market co-creation program. His goals are to view the Earth from the Moon's surface and to conduct his own Mars-based life exploration. He is the father of a child.


Professor and Director, Institute for Advanced Biomedical Sciences, Tokyo Women's Medical University

Mr. Tatsuya Shimizu
Graduated from the University of Tokyo Faculty of Medicine in 1992, and a physician in the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, Dr. Koyama began research at Tokyo Women's Medical University in 1999 on cardiac regenerative medicine using cell sheet engineering, the world's first technology of its kind originating in Japan. Currently, as a tissue engineer, he promotes research and development of various regenerative medicine and drug discovery models. In recent years, he has not limited himself to medical treatment, but has also developed the application of tissue engineering to food production. His motto is "Dream and Belief.


Visiting Professor, Institute for Strategic Studies of Rule Formation, Tama University; former member of the House of Representatives
Mr. Mineyuki Fukuda
Born in 1964. Graduated from Rikkyo University, Faculty of Sociology. Member of the Yokohama City Assembly (2 terms) and the House of Representatives (3 terms). He is an assistant minister of the Cabinet Office (in charge of My Number) and vice minister of the Cabinet Office (in charge of IT, cyber security, intellectual property, and science and technology). He is a "policy family member" in charge of hydrogen energy policy, digital society policy, and urban agriculture policy. His motto is to be the first to take on challenges such as online donations, virtual currency crowdfunding, and the establishment of an online news TV show by politicians.


Kyushu University, 1st year doctoral student
Cultured Meat Researcher Eggs
Yuji Matsuyoshi
He is the Kyushu Branch Director of the Shojinmeat Project. D. student who usually uses muscle cells from mice, rats, and sometimes crayfish in her experiments. At the same time, he is conducting a "research on the acceptability of cultured meat to Muslims" with an intramural co-researcher (lecturer Rika Terano), and is the son of a Shinto priest who is devising a social implementation of cultured meat from a religious perspective as well. He will clarify the religious issues in cultured meat production and smoothly introduce it to the Islamic world (halal market).



Director, Japan Cellular Agriculture Association, a non-profit organization
Mayu Sugisaki
Graduated from Hokkaido University, Faculty of Agriculture, and completed graduate studies at the University of Tokyo. In 2017, he joined the Shojinmeat Project, an open-source research and development organization, and has been experimenting with cell culture at home. He has been active in the Japan Cellular Agriculture Association, disseminating information on cell agriculture to introduce the concept of cell agriculture to more people.

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Conference theme: A New Era of Knowledge Manufacturing
Date and time of the event:
Friday, March 6, 2020 09:00-18:00 (18:00-20:00 Reception)
Saturday, March 7, 2020 09:00-18:00 (18:00-20:00 Reception)
Organized by: Liverness Co.
Place: Ota-ku Industrial Plaza PiO
Fee: Free for academics and presenters, 113,960 yen (tax included) for companies
Convention URL:https://hic.lne.st/conference/hic2020/


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