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Osaka Forum 2019] Nudging Familiar Issues - From Coercion to Spontaneous Decision Making / May 18, 2019 (Sat.) 16:00 @ Osaka Nanko

panel discussion
Nudging familiar issues - from coercion to spontaneous decision-making

Riverness will sponsor the event.Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference in Osaka Forum 2019(Saturday, May 18, 2019), a panel discussion on "Nudging Familiar Issues - From Coercion to Spontaneous Decision-Making" (session partner: Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc.) will be held within the

Society for Hyperdisciplinarity Osaka Forum 2019 WEB:https://hic.lne.st/conference/osaka2019/

A nudge is a strategy, based on scientific analysis, that encourages, rather than enforces, unconsciously voluntary human behavior. For example, you may have seen a stairway in town that displays the number of calories burned per climb. This nudge reminds people that exercise is good for their health and motivates them to take the stairs instead of the escalator, while at the same time easing escalator congestion. Although its use is still in its infancy, it is expected to be utilized in all aspects of private and professional life. In this session, we will discuss new ways of dealing with issues around us based on case studies in academia and government.


We will have a program of discussions among researchers, venture companies, and large corporations from various perspectives, not limited to the themes of this session.
We are currently accepting applications for audience participation and research poster presentations. Please visit the conference website (see below).



Nudging familiar issues - from coercion to spontaneous decision-making
Session Partner The Kansai Electric Power Co.

Date: Saturday, May 18, 2019, 16:00-17:00
Venue: ATC Hall O's South 6F Conference Room (2-1-10 Nanko-Kita, Suminoe-ku, Osaka 559-0034, Japan)
Closest Station: New Tram, Trade Center-mae Station


Assistant Professor, Faculty of Regional Design Science, Utsunomiya University
Takaho Itoigawa

Doctor of Engineering. D. in Engineering from Hokkaido University. After working for a major electronics manufacturer, he joined Utsunomiya University. In addition to his research and educational experience at the university, he also serves as an advisor to local governments on energy conservation and health-related information design. He has been involved in the development of air conditioning technology to improve thermal comfort and productivity in offices and factories, and in the design of information to induce energy-saving and safety behaviors by utilizing nudges based on cognitive and social psychology.


Invited Researcher, Graduate School of Economics, Osaka University
Shoko Yamane

After leaving Osaka University's Graduate School of Economics with completed credits, he worked as a specially-appointed lecturer and full-time lecturer at Kinki University's Faculty of Economics before becoming an associate professor. While teaching statistics and other courses at the Faculty of Economics at Kinki University, he was involved in the launch of the only "Economic Psychology Course" in Japan. His publications include "Behavioral Economics You Can Use Today" (Natsumesha) and "Introduction to Behavioral Economics" (Toyo Keizai Shuppansha). Currently working as a freelance researcher, pioneering a new way of life for researchers. D. in economics.


Sewerage Management Section, Water Supply and Sewerage Department, Uji City Office, Kyoto Prefecture
Hirohisa Shibata

After graduating from Kyoto Sangyo University, Faculty of Law, Department of Law, he was hired as a general office worker at Uji City Hall in 1992. He was engaged in disaster prevention, traffic safety, social education, property tax, national pension, and resident registration, etc. He was transferred to the Living Environment Section, Environmental Planning Division in FY2015. He was engaged in responding to complaints about dog feces and ownerless cats, and devised a method of feces eradication patrols using chalk. In response to inquiries, he has introduced the method to more than 100 cities, wards, towns, and villages throughout Japan, and is currently putting it into practice in Nagoya City, Kodaira City in Tokyo, and other cities. Using the nudge theory of behavioral economics (framing effect, broken window theory, peer theory, etc.), he has developed a method to improve social problems by changing behavior through voluntary and free choice of citizens. He was a Best Nudge Award winner at the 12th Behavioral Economics Society of Japan (held in December, 2008). He received the Encouragement Prize of the Kyoto Public Human Resources Award (March, 2019). He was featured in the Nihon Keizai Shimbun's column column column "Shunju" in December, 2001, and in the Asahi Shimbun's column column "Tenseijingo" in February, 2001. Currently, he is engaged in sewerage extension work at the Sewerage Management Division.




Advanced Technology Laboratory, Technical Research Institute, Research and Development Office, Kansai Electric Power Co.
Soichi Nakao

After graduating from Osaka Prefectural College of Technology, Department of Industrial Chemistry, he joined Kansai Electric Power Co. He was engaged in maintenance management of thermal power plant (mainly management of fuel, water quality, exhaust gas, and wastewater). In 2000, he was transferred to the General Technical Research Institute of the company (currently Technical Research Institute), where he was engaged in evaluation research of energy utilization equipment such as eco-cutes and PEFCs, and then in charge of research planning and planning. Currently, he is engaged in planning for the start-up of new businesses.



The Society of Hyperdifferential Studies Osaka Forum 2019 Overview

Conference theme: Creating a new axis of medicine, food and housing - Omoroi Future Blueprint from Kansai
Date and time of the event:
Friday, May 17, 19:00 - 21:00 (eve of the festival)
Saturday, May 18, 09:00-18:00 (Forum)
Organized by: Liverness Co.
Location: ATC Hall O's South 6F Conference Room
Participation fee: Free for academics and presenters, 50,000 yen for companies
    *Free of charge for partners and those willing to serve as judges
Convention URL:https://hic.lne.st/conference/osaka2019/


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