Profile of Shinichiro Yokota

President, Night Payer, Inc.
Public Relations, Shimomachi Bobsleigh Network Project Promotion Committee

Born in 1969 in Ota-ku, Tokyo. Since his childhood, he has loved arts and crafts and music, and spent his time modifying his MY bicycle. In the 5th grade of elementary school, he quit the baseball team and asked his parents to let him learn the piano. All of his annual allowance from elementary school went to electronic construction. After graduating from the mechanical engineering department of an industrial high school. After graduating from the mechanical engineering department of an industrial high school, he found a job at a local factory that manufactures camera parts, which his father founded in 1966. Around 1992, he started making car parts by himself and started selling them to his friends. He established his own original parts division, Night Pager. He repeatedly tested the parts he made on the race circuit and became well-known for his niche-user parts that were not available at mass retailers. However, the Lehman Shock of 2009 caused the company he had been running with his father to go bankrupt. Together with his wife and younger brother, he made a fresh start by creating a company that did not rely on subcontracting. In 2013, he was selected as a member of the Cabinet Office's "Roundtable Conference on Renewed Challenges" to convey to Prime Minister Abe the reality of the town factories. In 2013, he was awarded the "Materials and Structures Cooperation Management Award," the "Small and Medium Enterprise Award," and the "Best Team of the Year. In 2013, he was awarded the Material Forms Cooperation Management Award, the Small and Medium Business Administration Award, and the Best Team of the Year Award. In addition, he is active in music and writes a column for an automotive magazine.