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[Information related to abstract submission] About Technology Splash

[本大会演題登録関連情報] テクノロジースプラッシュについて

What is Technology Splash?

The word "splash" means "to jump or splash (water, etc.), to fall with a zap. At Technology Splash, presenters, researchers from academia, venture companies, and corporations, will share the most passionate aspects of their research with participants, transcending the boundaries of their fields and affiliations.
Participants, on the other hand, are zapped into the world of different fields, bathed in the knowledge and enthusiasm of researchers who appear one after another. In a series of short presentations in very different fields, the enthusiasm of the presenters and the enthusiasm of the participants collide, and new research ideas and friends are born as if by splashing. That is what Technology Splash is all about.

Presentation format (tentative)

Slide 1 or 2
Two-minute presentation
No questions.
The person who receives the highest evaluation from the audience on the day of the event will receive a cash prize.

Eligibility for presentation

Presenters at poster or booth exhibits
Please select "Participate" in the Technology Splash on the abstract submission form to confirm your participation.