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The 7th Hyperdisciplinarity Conference was attended by 859 people!



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The 7th Hyperdifferentiation Conference was a great success with 859 participants.

On March 2 and 3, 2018, the 7th Main Conference of the Society of Hyperdifferent Fields (hosted by RIVANES) was held at the TEPIA Advanced Technology Pavilion. A total of 859 people, ranging from elementary school students to researchers, venture companies, large corporations, town factories, and even overseas startups and accelerators, gathered from Japan and abroad. A total of 24 sessions, 99 domestic posters, 40 booths of venture companies and town factories, and 12 booths of overseas startup teams made the event a great success.

With the mission of "Be hyper-interdisciplinary," the Society for Hyper-Interdisciplinary Studies was launched in 2012 as a platform for creating new knowledge through cross-fertilization of fragmented knowledge. We are creating an unparalleled new academic structure as a place where professionals from various fields such as research, business, and manufacturing, including researchers from academia, engineers from companies and factories, entrepreneurs, and managers and new business creators from large companies, can create chemical reactions.

This year's 7th meeting was held under the grand theme of "What is a person and to the research surrounding people," and participants from diverse genres gathered to engage in heated discussions every day.

At RIVANES, we regard the super-discipline conference as the place to start. New projects will be born from this conference, and the results of one year's work will be brought to the next super-discipline conference to create a new fusion of different fields. We hope to create such a place with you all next year.

Next year's event is scheduled for March 1 and 2, 2019, and we hope to see you there.

The contents of the 7th session will be released as they become available.


Digest of Awards

Friday, March 2
TECH PLANTER world communication

The six best overseas TECH PLANTER teams, selected from more than 200 applications, gathered to give presentations on their visions, the challenges they want to solve, and their core technologies. The teams were also judged by accelerators from the U.S., U.K., Singapore, and Japan,EcoWorth Tech Pte. Ltd., a venture company from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, wins the Grand PrizeThe company was selected by the
The company aims to solve environmental problems through technology that uses biomass-derived carbon fiber aerogels to absorb and recover oil generated during operations such as food processing, oil and gas fields, and chemical synthesis.


Real Tech Venture of the Year 2018

RIVERNESS recognizes the Real Tech Venture of the Year as the venture company that has the most potential to create the future by combining passion, vision, and technology to identify and solve the world's problems. For the Real Tech Venture of the Year 2018, 5 companies in the Startup category and 3 companies in the Growth category were selected and awarded.

<Startup Division
Cell Fiber, Inc.
Quantarion Inc.
Integral Culture Co.
I-Eat Inc.
ThinkSite Inc.
<Growth Division
Recio Power Technology, Inc.
Natsume Research Institute, Inc.
L-Pixel Corporation


Saturday, March 3
Liverness Research Funding Award 2018

Nine of the researchers who have been selected for the LIBANES research grant over the past year gave presentations on their research and their visions for their research. Among them, the researcher who is most active in collaboration with different fields was selected as the winner of the Super Interdisciplinary Society Award.


Sho Tsugawa, Assistant Professor, Department of Systems and Information Sciences, University of Tsukuba (adopted by the Research in Japan.com Award)


Technology Splash

Technology Splash is a new project that began at this convention. Based on the concept of "communicating science and technology in an easy-to-understand manner," which is one of the core competencies of RIVERNESS, this is an opportunity for researchers to discover philosophies and colleagues they had never met before by communicating the fascination of their own research to others in three minutes. Among a total of 43 researchers, a prize was awarded to the one who could best convey the appeal of his or her research.
<Technology Splash Award Winners
Saki Uchida, 2nd year master's student, Department of Applied Chemistry, School of Advanced Science and Engineering, Waseda University
Theme: "Hollowing Process of Colloidal Silica Nanoparticles by Organosilica Coating


Poster Session

The poster session attracted 99 abstracts and discussions were held for two days. The Suntory Prize, the Nippon Ham Prize, and the Furuno Denki Prize were established as the Best Poster Award of the Association for the Study of Ultra-Different Fields and the Company Prize, which were decided by the judges and the audience at the venue. High school students also participated in the presentations, making the posters rich in variety not only in the fields presented but also in the presenters.


<Grand Prize Winners
Valderrama Arvin, University of Tsukuba, Tsukuba, Japan
Title of the presentation: "Proposal for New Communication Using Brain Waves
The team was highly evaluated for their passionate challenge to a difficult theme and their attitude of building a team to promote their research.


<Suntory Award Winners
Dr. Usuke Nakane, Project Lecturer, Institute for Transformative Biomolecular Research, Nagoya University
Title of presentation: "Exploration of Circadian Rhythm Regulation Compounds Using Existing Drug Libraries


<Nihon Ham Prize Winners
Akio Fujiwara, Lecturer, Graduate School of Life Sciences, Kumamoto University
Title of presentation: "Drug Discovery Research Targeting Human Macrophages"


Urawa Jitsugyo Gakuen Junior High School Sakiki Enomoto, Kanade Matsumoto
The theme of the award-winning project: "Effects of green light irradiation on the growth of flatfish.

Urawa Jitsugyo Gakuen Junior High School Mei Mitsuhashi
Award-winning theme: "Can light irradiation promote the growth of charr?

*As the high school students had gone home, only Mr. Imasaka of Furuno Electric Co.


Mitsubishi Electric Idea Plus Award

In "Mitsubishi Electric Ideas Plus," held with the cooperation of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, local factories, students, and researchers came up with new applications for existing patented technologies owned by large companies from their own perspectives.
All of the ideas were very strong, and prizes were awarded to all three competing teams.

<Winning Team
academic smart air coating team: Mixed team of students and researchers
Team Sumida Taisho: Mixed team of two companies from Tokyo and Osaka
Factor-3 (Factory): Mixed team of three small factories in Tokyo and Osaka

The 7th Hyperdisciplinarity Conference Main Conference Web site:https://hic.lne.st/conference/kanto2018/