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Key players who aim to create new technologies and industries in the sea will take the stage! Symposium "Extracting New Value from the Unknown Sea

海を舞台に新技術・新産業創出を目指すキープレイヤーが登壇!  シンポジウム「未知なる海から新たな価値を汲み上げる」
Pumping new value out of uncharted waters

We will hold a symposium, "Pumping New Value from the Sea of the Unknown," within the 7th Annual Conference of the Society for Hyperdifferentiation (March 2 and 3, 2018 @ TEPIA Advanced Technology Pavilion), sponsored by Liverness, Inc.

The 7th Hyperdisciplinarity Conference Main Conference Web site:https://hic.lne.st/conference/kanto2018/

While the importance of further development as a maritime nation has been called for since about 10 years ago, most of the industries in the ocean field are heavy industries such as fishing, aquaculture, shipbuilding, merchant marine, offshore power generation, and seabed resource mining, in addition to the fisheries industry. The ocean is still a place where there is abundant room to explore the possibilities of new industries and technologies.

In this context, three ocean projects were launched in 2017 as a joint project of the Nippon Foundation and RIVANES, with the objectives of fostering the next generation, research and development, and creating new industries. In this session, a university-launched venture that is taking on the challenge of a new business based on its own research findings in the ocean and a team that has formed an ultra-disciplinary R&D structure to develop innovative technology for seafloor topographic mapping will take the stage to discuss the future of the ocean.

Advance registration is required to attend the lecture, so please register as soon as possible.

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Symposium: Pumping New Value from the Unknown Sea

Date: Saturday, March 3, 13:00-14:20

Program Overview:


  • Mr. Shohei Ito, CEO, Spatial Intelligence Laboratory
  • Mr. Toyoki Sasakura, Chairman and Representative Director, AquaSound Inc.
  • Mr. Kiyoshi Ito, President, Environmental Simulation Institute, Inc.
  • Mr. Hiroki Yamanaka, Lecturer, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Ryukoku University
  • Jun Ogura, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Bioscience, Nagahama Institute of Bio-Science and Technology

In addition to this special talk session, we have prepared a number of cross-disciplinary programs over the two days, including cutting-edge research in academia, the latest startups, and advanced manufacturing initiatives in Japan. We are looking forward to your participation.

Abstract registration (due January 22) and auditorium registration (due February 28) are available on the conference website (see below).

Convention website:https://hic.lne.st/conference/kanto2018/

Abstract Registration:https://hic.confit.atlas.jp/nonmember/contents

Apply for auditing:https://hic.lne.st/conference/kanto2018/#ticket

Contact us

Liverness Corporation (Attn: Takahashi, Nishiyama)

TEL:03-5227-4198 E-mail:[email protected]

Outline of the 7th Hyperdifferential Field Conference

Conference Theme What is a person and to research surrounding people
Date & Time Friday, March 2, 09:00 - 20:00 (18:30 - 20:00 Reception)
Saturday, March 3, 09:00 - 20:00 (18:30 - 20:00 Reception)
Organizer Leave a Nest Co., Ltd.
Location TEPIA Advanced Technology Pavilion 3,4F
Entrance fee 50,000 yen for companies / Free for academia and presenters
Tournament URL https://hic.lne.st/conference/kanto2018/
Conference Program
(tentative, partial excerpts)
Friday, March 2

  • TECH PLANTER World Communication
  • Panel Discussion by International Accelerators
  • Real Tech Venture of the Year 2018 Awards Ceremony
  • Visionary Partner Award Ceremony
  • Session: "Agriculture and Food Changing with the Introduction of Smart Agriculture
  • Session: "Sensing to Reveal Deep Human Information
  • Session: "Strategies for Town Factories in the Era of Great Business Downturn

Saturday, March 3

  • Keynote Speech (Dr. Hirotomo Takahashi, Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo)
  • Liverness Research Funding Award 2018
  • Symposium "Pumping New Value from the Unknown Sea
  • Panel Discussion "How to Reform Work Styles and Generate Innovation in the Knowledge Society"
  • Panel Discussion "Humanome Research, Beginning."

What is the Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference?

Since 2002, when RIVERNESS was founded, we have held an annual "Super Hetero-Disciplinary Exchange Meeting" where students and researchers participating in internship programs at RIVERNESS discuss their thoughts on their research and issues they wish to solve through their research. Since 2012, the conference has evolved into a "super interdisciplinary conference" with the participation of researchers from industry and academia, where discussions are held from a broader perspective.

Today, the meeting is held annually as a gathering of people from diverse fields and industries, ranging from junior high and high school students, researchers and engineers in academia (including engineers from local factories), people involved in venture companies, accelerators, and managers and business development personnel from large corporations.