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Profile of Takashi Yoshikawa

Representative Director, HINODE Ltd.

First-class paint technician. He is the second generation of Hinode Coating Kogyosho, a metal baking coating company founded by his father. He paints gas alarms, various measuring instruments, communication equipment, medical equipment, and other products in various fields, and participates in the "manufacturing" of customers by providing protection, beauty, and functionality to their products. With the aim of developing coating technology and fostering the next generation, he serves as a member of the Japan Vocational Ability Development Association's examination committee, a vocational training instructor, a director of the Japan Industrial Coating Cooperative Association, and a director of the Tokyo Industrial Coating Cooperative Association. He also shares the vision of the Orii Research Institute and is actively involved in collaboration with venture companies, such as the production of the lacquered OriHime.